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Top Amazing Sportsbooks And Betting Sites for 2020

Best sports betting sites in one click

One of the most irritating things about sports betting is skipping several websites at once. It takes pretty much time to gather information in small pieces to complete the general view.

If you are looking for right and proper resources for online betting, this site is for you. This section will help you save your time and efforts, providing you with relevant information for your benefit.

How does it work?

For those people who are not acquainted with sports or any other kind of betting the whole process looks very simple and completely depending on a person’s sixth sense and luck. No one believes that long preparation, research, own experience, and knowledge in a particular kind of sport are hiding behind it.

So what exactly sports betting is? Is it a legal business? Let us study these questions and analyze the facts. Traditional sports betting is the activity of predicting the results of the competition. The purpose of the player is to divine the winner of the event and to get additional money besides his wager.

There are two possible outcomes of betting.

First, the bettor loses his bet, and secondly, he returns his bet and gets extra money. Players apply various calculations, create formulas, or follow the existing betting strategies to increase their odds to win.

Nowadays sports betting becomes legitimate in many countries. For example, in the US it is possible to place a legal bet in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Indiana, and several others.

While choosing the relevant website, make sure it is reliable and has a reputation.

Where to start with betting?

First of all, you need to find a reliable online betting site to make the first steps. Search in Google, ask people dealing with sports betting for a while, check the opinions of the supreme court regarding the betting activities, study reviews of other users, look for demos.

Make sure that you do not violate the law of the United States with your passion to gamble and a desire to earn a little bit extra money.

Having created a list of the most suitable sports betting sites and a decision about the best one, a fresh player may register a free account to get a digital wallet, that allows them to play, to pay, and to receive money.

Secondly, define a comfortable bankroll, size of the wager, and the number of bets that should keep you from a crash. It would also make sense to sign up for one or two sports newsletters to be aware of what is going on in the branch.

A professional bettor knows the basics of statistics which helps to make informed decisions when confused. Recording the sports betting choices and their outcomes also enable them to correct the course when needed. Besides, sports betting resource websites may provide useful updates, news, and strategies

By the way, a complete beginner should learn and decide about a strategy to use in betting.

The most important betting approaches

  1. Bankroll Management. The strategy offers players to set a certain amount of money for your bankroll for a week, month, or season and make wagers with 1%-5% of it bankroll.
  2. Keep an edge while betting. After several failures do not place further bets, but take a break and go for a walk to make your mind clear before you proceed with successful betting.
  3. Shop for the best lines. Get accounts at several online sportsbooks and check them before making a bet to find out which offers the best line for you.
  4. Create your own checklist or formula to identify the combination of which factors bring success regularly.
  5. Track the results closely. Notice the bets you win and lose, how games go and what aspects of  formula might need to be modified.

Besides, a beginner in betting can start with one of the already existing methods before creating an own approach based on experience.

The Martingale betting system offers that bettor double bets after a loss. The idea is that a wager with even odds, or close to them, will make enough money in case of a win to cover all previous losses and have a profit equal to the first bet.

The Anti-Martingale method supposes that bettors reduce their wagers after a loss.

The D’Alembert betting system represents a financial strategy suggesting to increase the bet per unit at a loss, and reduce by the same amount in case of a win.

Oscar’s Grind approach is a modified version of Martingale where a player increases the bet after a win.

The Kelly Criterion-Bankroll Management Strategy would be suitable for professional bettors as it is based on a formula helping to calculate the correct size of the stake.

The Points method represents the idea that a player multiplies the bet at the points system to find how much they may lose or win.

Miller’s betting system could be applied to betting on events with odds from 1.85 to 1.91 with a real probability close to 50/50.

What type of sports is worth to bet on

Actually, you can state a bet on any kind of sport you have a good understanding of. The choice and popularity of sports often depend on the region you live in.

There is a wide range of sports a player can bet on. The majority of bets are made regarding the association and American football, basketball, baseball, Formula 1, hockey, track cycling, auto racing, mixed martial arts, and both the amateur and professional boxing.

Quora recommends betting on sports where a person has better knowledge or own experience and offers the following list of most popular sports for betting.

For a complete starter, it is better to focus on one sport to test different strategies and formulas while making a wager. It is worth investing time in analyzing and reviewing knowledge of various types of sports. Such preparation should help concentrate on features of a particular type

If you’re looking for profit, choose the sport you are the best at. As soon as you start to receive sufficient sums of money from your wagers and develop your strategy or find the most suitable method or betting system you can expand the range of sports to bet on.

By the way, you can easily find a list of sport types that are less profitable for betting. For example, baseball is one of the hardest sport to bet as its leaders and losers can change unpredictably during the whole season.

Golf is another hard-to-bet sport due to a large number of participants, however, bettors can focus on group winners. The same is relevant for tennis, where it is hard to expect any substantial wins and the only correct strategy is to bet actively to get favorable odds.

How to create an account for betting?

After you have decided about the sport you would like to bet on, studied all the relevant information about the coming play season, opted out the proper strategy to test and chose the core betting site, you can create an account on this site.

An account enables players to place bets and manage transactions with the bookmaker. Most of the bookmakers would not require to register a credit card or any other payment method to open an account. But it must be done before placing a bet or taking part in financial transactions.

Generally, the registration process includes three simple steps:

  1. Enter your email address and create a password.
  2. Fill in your personal information so that the site owners know where to send all the profit you are going to make. Pay attention to enter a valid phone number. Usually the sign-in process contains a validation call after clicking Submit.
  3. Choose your rewards program.

After accepting Terms and Conditions, a new user should click submit and get access to a new account. After having a validation call shortly to verify the account,  you will be able to deposit via typical funding methods.

If you cannot or do not want to deal with bitcoin, which is the safest and fastest method, purchase a prepaid international card. It is another good way to protect identity and prevent any fraudulent charges.

Check in the general rules whether you can get a welcome bonus for a new account. Some sites do not announce this possibility clearly, but it is better to ask immediately because usually it could not be done automatically.

Different betting sites offer welcome bonuses of all kinds so that a player can either get a deposit discount up to 50 percent or an opportunity to start with a free bet.

What kinds of bets exist?

Best betting sites offer players not only a list of major leagues: NBA, NFL, MLB, and National Hockey League (NHL) to bet on. They also enable users to choose from different types of wagers according to their experience and preferences of different types of sports.

Applying online betting sites people can opt from the following wager types:

Straight Bets have a set line, referred to as a point spread. Users can bet on the favorite player or team and give up the points or place a bet on the underdog and get the points.

Total Line Bet sets the number for the combined final score of both teams. Player bets on the actual score staying “under” that total or going “over” the set number. They can also bet on a total line by each part of a play when it comes to football and basketball.

Money Line Bet offers to choose a team to win straight-up without any point spread

Parlay Bet groups more than two picks into one single bet up to a definite sportsbook’s set limit (10-12 picks).

Teaser Bet also groups two or more picks in a single bet, but bettors can modify the point spreads in their favor in return for a lower overall payout

Head-to-Head Bet offers to bet between two competitors.

For example, NFL or National Football Leagues suggest that bettors make money line wagers. NHL bets are popular among users because of parlay and live betting. It also gives users opportunities to bet on single players and teams.

NBA or National Basketball League bets offer lots of opportunities to wager during the game seasons. Betting on the team that starts with a deficit point number is the most popular. MLB or Major League Baseball offers to place multiple bets during the gaming season.

Bonuses and rewards

Every betting site provides its users with various bonuses and reward programs. They may become another important aspect to review while choosing a suitable betting site.

There are several types of loyalty programs for betting site users.

Points. Points can be obtained from play frequency, size of wagers, amount of losses, and the average amount wagered per bet.

Tiers. Users receive different levels of qualification according to the money they bet weekly or quarterly, the number of collected points. Each tier promises different prizes, merchandise, free meals, gift cards, trips, or even higher cashback for losses.

Prizes. Sites provide users with bonuses according to the level of their activities ranging from merchandise to travel packages to the car.

Cash Back. Sites show their appreciation to their high rollers with sports cashback, returning from 0,2 to 0,9 percent to the player for a definite number of bets during a quarter.

Enhanced Odds.  In addition to the deposit discount and a free bet, some sites offer in-game rewards. For example, 8 cent progressive baseball lines and  -108 odds on a basketball and football full game sides.

Free Bets. This is the most common loyalty program that encourages users not only on their start but also celebrate account anniversaries.


A credit card stays the most popular depositing method for bettors. Online payment processors require from the player just to enter card information into the sportsbook cashier section and the procedure is completed.

eWallets (like PayPal, EcoPayz, PaySafeCard, Skrill, InstaDebit) and traditional banking methods (check and bank wire transfers) come in line next. European users of the betting sites are better acquainted with eWallets as they are mostly unavailable for North American users.

One-third of sportsbooks accept “person to person” transfers (or money orders) as a deposit method at over.

Popular betting sites

Here are the best sports sites for betting:

Site nameSignup bonusesDescription
SpinsportsUp to 200$ free bet by the first depositMinimum deposit 10$, 5x wagering at odds of 1.3+ to unlock free bet
Bovada50% up to $2504,9% charge for card deposit, a vast selection of sports to bet on
SportsBetting50% up to $1,000Minimum deposit from 10$ to 1500$ depending on a payment method, a long list of available sport types
MyBookie50% up to $1,000Minimum deposit 45$, live betting, various types of loyalty programs
BetNow50% up to $1,000Minimum deposit from 10$ till 50$ depending on the payment method
22bet100% welcome bonusMinimum deposit from 1$


Sports betting may become a nice hobby and a pleasant way of earning extra money. It is not difficult to create an account and deposit on one of the betting sites, but players should follow simple rules of betting, stay sober, and leave emotions out to reach success.

One should start with finding a relevant and reliable betting site, analyze sports according to personal knowledge and experience about it, follow the current situations in plays, and study the current statistics.  Based on it, serious bettors should find out their success formula or a betting strategy that they will test.

Regular review of KPI’s, statistics and algorithmic philosophy may turn hobby to a full- time job. Remember the story Haralabos Voulgaris who earned a substantial amount of money with a winning rate of almost 70% at a point on NBA plays, or Billy Walters, who won $3.5 million on Super Bowl 44.

Is sports betting legal?

Sports betting is legal in some countries and illegal in others. The legal systems of certain countries, like India, provide a loophole which allows sports betting. In India, for example, betting is illegal when done in person. But the law says nothing about online betting, hence making it somewhat legal. In the United States until 2018 it was illegal on the Federal level. However, since then the law has allowed individual states to choose its legality status. As of today, online sports betting is legal in 7 U.S. states, with additional states are said to legalize it soon. In Canada you can bet on sports through authorized bookmakers throughout the country. Also, in Canada it is legal to bet online through an offshore website. In the United Kingdom it is perfectly legal to do sports betting, either in person or online. The U.K. has an extremely friendly environment for sports gamblers. Sports betting there is allowed and regulated by the government. In Australia online sports betting is allowed, but live betting is prohibited. Hence the legality of sports betting varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, with some countries allowing it fully and others prohibiting it.

How sports betting odds work?

There are several options for gambling on sport. The most popular is a straight bet. This bet usually pays an 11-to-10 ratio, meaning that you need to bet $55 to win $50, or $110 to win $100. Here you either pick a side which you think is going to win, or the number of points by which you think the team is going to win (total). Say team X has a 10-point lead over team Y and the total is 50. If you want to bet on team X, this team should win by 11 or more points to give you the win. If you want to bet on team Y, this team should lose by 9 or less points to give you the win (or team Y can win the game). However, if team X wins by 10 points, or the final score equals to 50 then all the bets are returned. Hence in this betting option you are betting on the point spread that is in between the teams playing. Another option is called a money spread. For example, there are two teams Z (-250) and W (+200). If you bet that team Z is going to win the match, you place $250 to win $100. But if you bet $100 on team W, then you can receive $200 if they win. Hence, they have better odds, meaning there is less chance of them winning the game.

Can I bet on sports online?

Previously sports betting was done in person through a bookmaker. But now it can be done on the web. There are plenty of sites which allow sports betting while giving you good odds. For example, sites such as 1xBet, Pinnacle and others provide sports betting resources that you can use. If you live in a country where gambling is not allowed by law, betting on the web can provide you the opportunity to bet on your favorite team. Sports betting on the internet is gaining popularity because it provides ample opportunity to gain access to the web’s gambling marketplace. By using a gambling website, you can place bets on your team before the game has begun or participate in live sports gambling while your team is playing the game. To gamble on sports online, you must first choose a betting site that you like, create an account there and make a deposit. Following that, you can start betting. Once you have become accustomed to the betting website, you can try gambling live during the game on your preferred team. Currently about half of the U.S. population has tried sports betting, with many having done it online. There are plenty of sites on the web that cater to sports betters, so make sure to do your research to find the safest one to deposit your money with.

How much money can you make betting on sports?

Sports betting is a form of gambling, and hence is an inherently risky activity. You can both win and lose money betting on sports, so its important to place your wagers carefully. In most cases, sports betters are fans of their teams and want to make some extra money betting. But first let us look at the mathematics. Just as with casino gambling, the odds are always in favor of the bookmaker. In sports betting, you usually need to collect on average 52.4% of your bets to break even. If you simply bet by guessing, you will be right 50% of the time and generate a net loss. However sometimes there are sports bets that pay off extremely well. In 2019 an $85000 bet on Tiger Woods with a 14/1 odds paid off a $1.2 million for the gambler. An $83000 baseball bet on Kansas City royals with the 30/1 odds, which was spread over 15 different bookmakers, paid of an amazing $2.5 million. However, most people wager far more moderate bets from between $10 to $200 dollars. The odds are usually 11/10. Hence the winnings do not often exceed $180 to $200 for most players. It is also worth noting, that despite some of the huge wins from betting, around 9 out of 10 people lose money doing sports betting.

How to make profitable sports bets?

To make winning sports bets you must first understand the mechanics and the language of betting. Understand that even though the odds are slightly against you, you can win if you know the game well. First you must ignore your personal bias in favor of one team or another. Do not just bet on a team because you were a fan of it in high school. Do proper research of the team’s performance to see if it is going to win. Should the winnings start pouring in, do not become overconfident and wager all your money at once, believing you are on a winning spree. Next, if you lose do not get all upset. Remember that the odds are slightly against you and in the favor of the bookmaker. Make sure to do your research properly and understand what stands behind the bet that you are wagering. Aside for the research, believe in your own judgement and analysis of the situation. If doing live betting, follow the game and try to use your instinct. Also make sure not to place any bets if you are intoxicated with alcohol. Placing bets when drunk is a sure way to lose money.