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Deal of the Year: BetMGM Becomes a New Authorized Betting Operator for NASCAR

The global sport sector has been literally hit by the latest breaking news. Earlier this week, the popular sports betting operator BetMGM signed an agreement with NASCAR and officially became the Association’s new authorized betting provider.

BetMGM teams with NASCAR

Hurry up to congratulate BetMGM on its deal of the year! On Thursday, the bookmaker announced its cooperation with a world-known American car racing organization, NASCAR. According to the newly-signed agreement, BetMGM is now an official betting operator for the Association.

The partnership between two leaders aims to provide the car racing fans with unlimited betting options via the bookmaker’s platform. Thus, NASCAR tends to improve its presence on the sports betting arena by offering more wagering options to fans, including pre-match and in-race betting.

In its turn, BetMGM receives the exclusive right to use the NASCAR brand in the company’s promotional and marketing campaigns. The operator will promote NASCAR’s auto racing events on its website, mobile app, and in social media. The bookmaker will have a priority in sharing the latest updates regarding their new partner on its channels.

Scott Warfield, head of the NASCAR’s management department, said how much he was thrilled about the new partnership: “We all are so excited that such an eminent brand as BetMGM is now helping us to expand our offerings to all sports fans.”

Man wins at NASCAR betting

Matt Prevost, CMO of BetMGM, also broke his silence on the new collaboration with the auto racing guru. He said: “We are thrilled that now we can combine our betting technologies with NASCAR’s impressive race choice… This combo will help us provide a truly unique betting experience for all auto racing fans in the US.”

BetMGM keeps expanding its activity on the international stage quickly and steadily. A couple of days ago, prior to announcing its deal with NASCAR, the bookmaker surprised fans with another bombshell collaboration. The betting operator signed an agreement with the PGA Tour, a leading organizer of all major golf events in the United States.

The parties revealed that they have massive plans within their multi-year deal. Thus, the bookmaker gets exclusive rights to advertise the PGA Tour on its platforms and broadcast the main golf events on its site. In its turn, the Tour can widen its presence on the bookie’s portal and present the customers with unlimited betting options via the operator’s technologies.

Vice president of the PGA Tour, Nord Gambuzza, expressed his joy about the newly-signed deal with the betting operator. Gambuzza said that they couldn’t be happier to team with BetMGM and to make golf betting more accessible to all fans via the bookmaker’s channel.

Over the last few years, BetMGM managed to strengthen its position on the sports betting market. The bookmaker keeps enlarging its regular audience by offering generous bonuses under reasonable deposit limits and wagering requirements for punters. The operator has a fantastic selection of sports markets in its collection, making people’s beloved sports closer via HD live streams and rich choice of betting offerings.

The new deal with NASCAR is another proof of BetMGM’s serious approach to becoming a recognized leader in the sports betting niche. Meanwhile, all auto racing fans can’t wait to see NASCAR’s offerings on the bookmaker’s platforms.

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