Best basketball betting sites

Best basketball betting sites

Basketball betting is not too different from other team sports betting. In a sense, they can even be compared to hockey bets.
Published on April 12, 2019
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Bookmaker sites propose gamblers to place bets on:

  • the win of one of the teams;
  • the wining of the team with considering of the handicap,
  • individual total of teams,
  • total of the match and other less popular outcomes.

Sportsbooks also offer to place bets for Live matches on betting sites. However, the simple rules of basketball betting also include a lot of nuances.

Every self-respecting bettor should know them to maximize the chances of earning real money.

Types of bets in basketball: features and nuances

There are several variations of basketball bets on specialized sites. You can explore the list below and get started betting online with the most suitable sports bet:

  • Bets for totals;
  • Match outcome bets;
  • Bets for handicap bets;
  • Quarter comparison bets;
  • Match comparison bets;
  • Team run bets.

Bets for totals

This type of bet is a feature of basketball betting. Leading betting sites offer a list for these matches with a huge number of options and variations of totals. Before the start of the match, at least three totals with a different number of points for the total result of the match (the number of points scored by the team) will be offered in the line of many offices.

Players can place over/under bets on different totals, for example, on the fact that 175-199 points will be scored in a match. Totals are accepted both for individual quarters, for the entire match, and the number of free throws, fouls, three-point goals, etc. Serious sites of sportsbooks offer a wide variety of totals for individual basketball players, among the main proposals here are the number of points scored, fouls, three-point balls, etc.

A positive feature for the better is the inconspicuous dependence of the rate on random goals, which are of great importance in football or hockey betting.
In basketball, the total of matches, in comparison with the mentioned sports, is simply huge and, as a rule, ranges from 150 to 230 scores. Usually, bettors advise buying a total or a handicap for 1 2 points
from sportsbooks, because here the coefficient practically doesn`t decrease.

And, for example, in football, with an increase in the handicap even by a point, as a rule, the booker offers a much lower coefficient, which will reduce the winning amount several times.

The peculiarity of basketball totals is that here it better to work with several sportsbooks and compare the lines before each bet. In the case when the total set by the office as the main one differs by 3 or more points, then in this match the correct decision will be to use the strategy of the total corridor.

Match outcome bets

This type implies a bet on the outcome of the match at the end of regular time or on the winner of the match, considering overtime. A draw in basketball is a rare exception, which is one of the main advantages of this type of bet. At the same time, for bets on the outcome of a match, the bookmakers always offer odds several times higher than for bets on the victory of one of the teams.

A feature of the North American leagues (NBA and NCAA) is that they mainly offer bets exclusively on the outcome of matches, including overtimes. For other events, the odds for bets on the winner are not significantly lower than for bets on his victory in regular time, so it makes sense to choose just such offers. Bets on the winner in individual quarters are also popular among betters.

Handicap bets

The basketball action line is often represented by several lines with different handicaps. You must be aware that the handicap values here may differ radically. Depending on the strength of the teams, before the start of the match, the bookmaker can offer both – 2.5 and – 25.5. These two bets can also include the points with which the team wins/lose the match.

Quarter comparison bets

Here betters can compare bose the indicators of one of the teams or the total indicator of the whole match. The online sportsbooks offer betters to assume, in which of the quarters this indicator will be higher compared to the other quarter, or to guess the quarter with the highest indicator for the entire match.

Match comparison bets

The bookmaker sites, including the best NBA betting sites, propose to bet on the best team, which are in the same “weight category”. With this type of bet, two matches of the same tour of a certain league are selected. In these matches teams of approximately the same level have to play. Sportsbooks call this “greater than” bet. Thus, the better needs to predict which team from the presented pair will show the best point differential in the match of a particular round. The bet is calculated based on the results of the regular time. In the case of a draw, the difference in points is counted as equal, regardless of the outcome of the overtime. Bets also can be placed on the comparison of points, scored in two matches. Here betters try to predict, which of the team will score more points.

Team run bets

A very interesting type of bets, that are accepted on matches (playoffs) taking place according to the cup system. The most interesting here are the NBA playoffs due to the largest number of matches, in contrast to the playoffs of other tournaments. You can also bet on the team’s exit from the group in multi-stage tournaments (Euroleague) or on the passage to the playoff stage of the national championships.

How to bet on NBA betting sites

In basketball, the most popular championship among bettors is the NBA games (National Basketball Association). This is due to the ability to view live matches between top teams and the availability of a large number of statistical and analytical data, which greatly simplifies the qualitative analysis of selected matches.

Features and patterns of NBA

Important points in the tournament regulations:

  • 30 teams are divided into two conferences: East and West;
  • each conference is divided into three divisions with five participants;
  • 8 best NBA teams from conferences advance to the playoffs: four can advance from one division at once, and only one – from another;
  • in the NBA playoffs, the club that won four victories first goes to the next stage.

There are some NBA regularities, based on which several promising batting strategies have been developed. Make sure you use one of them for the most successful betting:

  • high performance;
  • the NBA brings together the most talented basketball players, among them some outspoken leaders gain a large number of points in each match;
  • even favorite clubs lose 8-10 meetings at home during the regular season;
  • in the regular season, clubs play 82 matches, where even the leaders can have two crisis periods;
  • if in the current stage of the playoffs the score was 2:2, then the team that managed to take the lead in the score 3:2 will advance to the next round in 65% of cases.

Considering all the nuances of the NBA tournament, it remains to figure out how to analyze the meetings and make promising bets.

How to bet on basketball and win?

How to do an NBA betting analysis

The analysis of NBA matches includes several important options:

  • Current game level.
  • Leading players injuries.
  • Motivation to fight.
  • NBA club statistics.
  • Player stats.

NBA betting: current game level

During the NBA betting, it is imperative to monitor the current form of the teams and remember a large number of matches in the regular part of the season. Not a single club can play them all in the highest possible condition. There will definitely be ups and downs.

NBA betting: leading players injuries

If in football each team puts 11 players on the field, then in basketball 5 athletes enter the court, another 8 substitutes. The injury of 1 or 2 top basketball players can have a profound effect on the level of play of the entire team. For this reason, such injuries must be constantly monitored.

There are a lot of good statistics NBA betting sites, and many of them indicate the leaders of clubs by various options.

NBA betting: motivation to fight

This is especially important when opponents from the same division or conference meet. In a match of two approximately equal opponents, the motivation to win will go off-scale for a strongly lagging team.

NBA betting: club statistics

Here you should look at the club’s average performance indicators and how many points on average the opponents are gaining, taking into account how the indicators differ when meeting with leaders, strong middle peasants, and ordinary middle peasants with outsiders.

NBA betting: player stats

This is the most difficult item, but it allows you to assess the current level of the club. Your task is to explore statistics for each basketball player, and only then place bets on NBA betting sites. There are several important data to consider:

  • PPG – Average Points Scored.
  • RPG – Average Rebounds.
  • APG – Assists.
  • FG% – the percentage of realized throws.
  • 3P% – the percentage of 3-point shots realized.
  • SPG – interceptions.
  • BPG – block shots.

These statistics are especially useful when placing bets on individual player performance.

Live Basketball Betting: the effective strategy

This is one of the best strategies for NBA betting, because:

  • Most bookmakers provide the most convenient list for this league.
  • All NBA matches are played live.
  • It is full of sensations because even a weak league team can beat the leader of the championship on the road.

The live match strategy involves taking into account the odds of the outsider and the leader. On average, the coefficient for an outsider, depending on its level, fluctuates in the region from 2.0 to 4.0, respectively, when the rate “arrives”, we will almost always be in the black, only occasionally remaining with our money.

If you want to bet on NBA live, you should know, that the most important rule of live betting – never to take an outsider if the odds for his opponent’s victory are below 1.2. In this case, we will have very low chances, because the forces on the site will be simply incommensurable. Of course, over the long haul, this sub-strategy will work, but a much larger pot may be needed. Also, we do not recommend playing overtime in NBA live, because in this case, there can be no talk of a favorite’s lack of focus or lack of concentration.

Consider a live betting strategy using the example of a match “Miami” – “Memphis”. In it, the hosts of the site were the implicit favorites for a coefficient of 1.8, while the odds for victory in each of the quarters at Memphis were in the region of 2.1-2.3. Imagine that we have a bank of 1000 conventional units, and we will use 5% of the bank for each bet with an increase of 100% in case of a loss. In this match, Memphis won the first two quarters, after which they lost the 3rd and 4th. It turns out that we did without doubling and in an equal match we earned approximately (50 * 2.2) + (50 * 2.2) – (50 * 2) = 120, where 100 is the investment bank, and 20 is the net profit.

Of course, there will be times when you will not guess for several matches in a row during betting online. Then there are two ways to ensure the bank – live betting strategy suggests either choose those matches where the odds for winning in a quarter for your team will be equal to (or exceed) 3.0 (then you can raise the rate not by 2, but by 1.5 times), or on the contrary, increase the amount of the bet, but play in matches where opponents are approximately equal. In such cases, in the later stages of the catch-up, you may not win much, but you will beat off your full pot and be able to start over without loss.

How to bet on basketball online

Online betting is very popular nowadays. To bet in NBA or place another variety of basketball bets, you don`t need to go to the sports betting office. All you need is a computer, smartphone, or another device, connected to the internet. But it`s very important to find the best betting site to be sure you’ll have there a huge variety of sports events and different betting options.

The main parameters, on which you should pay attention when choosing the best NBA betting site of online sportsbooks, are the following:

  • reliability and honesty of the sites;
  • sites offer margin value;
  • betting odds, line, and list of matches;
  • bonuses and promotions on NBA betting sites;
  • guarantee of payments on sites;
  • quality of sites support service;
  • betting site functionality;
  • availability of a mobile version and applications of NBA betting sites.

In addition to the main selection criteria, such as action line, odds, and margin, the opinions of professional betters and reviews of betters became the basis for ranking NBA betting sites in the list. Tne most top-rated betting on NBA sites are the following:

These NBA betting sites propose good bonuses and wide options for best NBA betting. When choosing the best NBA betting sites, make sure it covers all your expectations.


Pinnacle is a bookmaker extremely popular among professional betters. It`s one of the best basketball betting sites of modernity and here you can bet on the NBA. This is explained by the online sportsbooks loyal attitude to customers, high limits, and low margins. You will like the site if you’re looking for a high level of odds – on Pinnacle betting site outcomes reaches 1.98, which also attracts bettors, who want to get real money, from all over the world.

The company was founded in 1998. Then the bookmaker was called Pinnaclesport. In 2016, it was rebranded and Pinnacle got its current look. The gambling activity of the bookmaker is regulated by the Ragnarok Corporation N.V. license issued in Curacao. The functionality of the sites includes sports betting (basketball, football, hockey, and other) casinos and virtual sports. If you’re looking for a sports betting site where you can get a free bet, do online gambling and betting options, Pinnacle is what you want.

William Hill

William Hill is the largest bookmaker in Great Britain, and, probably, one of the best basketball betting sites. The company was found in 1934. Offices of WH are located in London and Leeds, the main office is in Gibraltar. The market capitalization of the company is above £ 4,000,000,000.

The company sponsors several football teams. Among them:

  • Chelsea;
  • Everton;
  • Tottenham;
  • Team of Scotland.

On sites, players can place bets on several dozen different sports, including NBA betting. The average list for online gambling is wide – about 80-100 positions. You can make a bet on a prematch on general events – outcome, total, handicap, etc. The NBA betting sites bonus policy includes special options such as cashout, welcome deposit offers for new customers, and one-time promotions with attractive prizes, which valid for days. Options are available for registered users of the sites.


Bet365 is an international bookmaker`s company founded in 1974 in the UK. Since 2000, the NBA betting site began accepting bets online. The owner of the company is Denise Coates. The bookmaker is focused on European players, the site is available on 20 languages. The company has a license to operate in eight countries. You can open a game account in 20 world currencies.

Among the advantages are the rich experience and European quality. Bet365 are pioneers in the innovations of the betting market. They were the first to give an extensive line in live mode and offered cashback to players. Bet365 sites also provide fairly high odds for top events. Besides that, one of the best NBA betting sites offers a first qualifying deposit bonus up to 100 EUR and a refund for a 0:0 score in football. Regular sites players can also get a free bet and other pleasant bonuses on the sites.


Customers note obvious advantages of Betfair, many of them say, that it`s one of the sportsbooks, on site of which you’ll find the best NBA betting options. The company is not only a traditional bookmaker. There is also a wide variety of online gambling games, casinos, bingo, slots, virtual sports, and sweepstakes on official sites. Betting site offers a huge variety of events and a wide line for each match. Pre-event odds are relatively high. So, if you want to bet on sports (basketball, football or other) and earn a huge sum – you’ve come to the right place.

Betfair is a partner of the South American Football Confederation CONMEBOL. The NBA betting sites ambassadors are Dimitar Berbatov, Rivaldo, Joseph O’Brian, Paul Nichols, and David Haye (the last three are races).

On the Betfair betting site, you can get a welcome bonus up to $100. You need to make 5 single bets for at least $5 with min odds 1.50. Then you will be given a $10 bonus (as a free bets credited). This procedure can be repeated up to 10 times.


The bookmaker MelBet started its activity in 2012. Young age did not prevent the company from actively fighting for its “place in the sun” in the online betting market. The top-rated site is famous for its wide line, rich action line, and generous bonus offers. MelBet sites, in addition to sports betting, offer betting on events from the world of politics, show business, finance, as well as a wide range of entertainment services, including slots and casinos. According to the MelBet betting site, it is owned by Turkia Ltd registered in Nicosia (Cyprus) and operated by Pelican Entertainment Ltd with an office in Curacao. Betting on Melbet sites is legal, that accepted based on Curacao license No. 5536 / JAZ. All rights reserved.

The bookmaker has a special feature – new customers at registration on the betting site can choose one bonus out of three:

  • 100% first deposit bonus. The maximum value is $ 100 (or equivalent). Wagering consists of 5-fold scrolling of the amount on express trains (at least three events) with odds from 1.4.
  • Casino bonuses on Melbet sites.
  • Bet 10 EUR – get 30 EUR free bet on sites. Condition – a deposit of at least 10 EUR and a bet on an event with odds of 1.5.

On the betting site, gamers have the opportunity to refuse the receiving of bonuses by selecting the appropriate item during registration.

Having chosen your best NBA betting site, make sure its options are suitable for you, and then register. It usually doesn’t take a long time. Once you have created your profile, make a deposit using one of the convenient methods of payment, place your first bet, and get started to bet on the NBA betting sites. We hope luck will be on your side and you will win real money on betting sites by watching the matches of your favorite teams.

What is a moneyline bet in basketball?

Moneyline bet is a straight bet on which team is going to win the match. So, there are two teams in a game, Miami Heat and Houston Rockets. The Miami Heat offers +132 and the Houston Rockets offers -156. This means that in a moneyline bet on Miami Heat, if you placed $100 on the team you will receive $132 if they win the game. For Houston Rockets, you need to bet $156 to get $100 dollars if they win the game. Clearly the first gamble pays more than the second. Miami Heat offers a 1.32 payment on each dollar waged, as opposed to the 0.64 payment on the waged dollars for Houston Rockets. This is because the latter is a better and more qualified team and is expected to win the game. The bookmaker understands this and offers you worse odds when placing the bet on Houston Rockets. As a moneyline bet in basketball is simply a straight bet on the team if the bet comes with a + (plus) sign it means that it is a risker bet with a higher payoff. If the bet comes with a – (minus) sign, it means that it is a safer bet with a lower payoff.

How to bet on spread basketball?

Betting on a spread is another possibility for wagering money on basketball. The team Miami Heat is offering a +3 spread, and the team Houston Rockets is offering a -3 spread. Here, again, the latter team is the preferred team by the bookmaker and the former is the underdog. In this case you place a straight bet on the point spread. The team that you picked for your bet must beat/cover the point spread. So, if you wager on Miami Heat (+3), they need to lose the game by fewer than 3 points for the bet to be a winner (or win the game outright). If you wager on Houston Rockets (-3), they need to win by over 4 points for the bet to be a winner. Should the Miami Heat lose by exactly 3 points, or the Houston Rockets win by exactly 3 points, the wager is considered a push and the bets are refunded. Note that overtime counts in both cases. If both teams in this example offer a -110 on the spreads, you need to gamble $110 to win $100. This means that the bookmaker believes that the possibility of winning the spread is high.

How to bet on NCAA basketball?

NCAA stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association and is an organization that regulates student-athletes in North America. Here the preferred way of betting is the point spreads, which usually comes with a -110 offer (hence wage $110 to win$100). Betting on point spreads involves wagering on how much a team will win by, not only on which team will win. A second way is betting on moneylines, which is a straight bet on a team. A third way is by betting on the total score in a game. For example, you can wager on whether the teams will both score more or less than, say 144.5. If the total is over, say 145, the over bet pays off. If the two teams score under, say 144, the under bet pays off. A fourth way is to bet on a parlay, which combines the sides bet with the totals bet. Here you need to win both bets for the parlay to pay off. A fifth way is to bet on teasers, which allow you to adjust the spreads or totals in your favor. A sixth way is proposition wagers, which require more money to gamble with. Here you can bet on various statistics that a player will have in the game (points, rebounds, assistance or other).

What does handicap mean in basketball betting?

Is your preferred team amazing? Do you believe it will cover the spread easily? In this case, you can choose to do a handicap bet and give your preferred team a virtual deficit. This means that your preferred team will have a wider spread at the start of the game to overcome. So, should you be a huge fan of Lakers, you can give them another 3 points to add to their spread. So, let us say that initially, they needed to win the game by 5 points for the wager on Lakers to pay off. By giving them a handicap, or a virtual deficit, of 3 points, they now need to win the game by 8 or more points (as opposed to 5) for the bet to pay off. You can also choose to give a virtual start to a team that has been performing poorly in the last few games. Here a virtual start of 2 points means that Lakers can lose the game by no more than 7 points (as opposed to 5) for the bet to pay off. Handicap betting is used to even out the market, so fans can bet on an inferior team and still have the possibility of their bets achieving a successful outcome.

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