Published on April 12, 2019
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Any player who wants to withdraw a certain amount of money from online bookmakers sooner or later meets with payment systems, thanks to which the player can make money transfers related to gambling services. Usually, the player is provided with an extremely wide selection of such payment methods of betting sites, so everyone can find the most suitable one for themselves.

Today we will talk about one famous and popular payment method among e-wallets widely accepted in the world, which provides its services to the majority of foreign players and has been respected by them for a serious period. Skrill is a payment system that was launched back in 2001, acquired by Paysafe Group, and then the service became popular almost all over the world, especially on internet gambling. Also, some players call this system Moneybookers (Skrill), the name under which this service has gained its popularity in online gambling.

Can I use Skrill for gambling?

Skrill is a popular payment system that operates in more than a hundred countries and various sites and offers payments in one of 33 currencies. It is formerly known as Moneybookers. Today, it is considered one of the largest e-wallets around the world, leading a confident fight with such e-commerce giants as PayPal. Unlike PayPal, Skrill is the biggest name in online gambling. Skrill has become a leader in making payments directly related to the gambling industry and online betting. Its logo appears on every single gambling site that accepts Skrill. There are plenty of Skrill betting sites in online gambling. Thanks to this, it can be confidently considered a companion of everyone interested in sports betting, online poker, online casinos, and other similar entertainment. Not all online sportsbooks accept Skrill, for example, Skrill is widely restricted for US residents when it comes to online gambling. The US gambling laws vary in different states, but US residents can only place bets in Delaware, Nevada, and some other US states. Unlike US laws, it is widely used in other parts of the world.

The possibilities of using this system are taken into account on the resources of such major market players as Leonbets, William Hill, Marathon, 1xBet, and many other sportsbooks from the top 10 online betting sites. Moreover, Skrill implies cooperation with well-known casinos and is represented on its sites. The resource also provides its services to players of the largest poker rooms. The service can also be used by customers who prefer well-known sweepstakes.

How to register with Skrill

This payment system was launched abroad, so it was initially designed primarily for English-speaking players. Next, a gambler needs to register and open an account on the site, as well as go through several simple steps:

  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Enter your data (date of birth, full name). Do not forget that this data will need to be confirmed for further use of the services of this resource, so beware of errors.
  • Select your country of residence from the available list, and select your preferred currency. At the same time, only dollars and euros are available. Other currencies are not supported by this service.
  • Fill in the address.
  • Enter your mobile phone number.
  • Read the rules of the resource and confirm your agreement with them.

After that, confirm your email address and you can start registering your account. Remember that you can only have one Skrill betting site e-wallet, so think about the most convenient currency for you, which you will have to deal with all the time. To continue using this wallet, you will have to go through the verification process, for this you will need to send scanned copies of documents with which it will be possible to identify your identity. By the way, the verification process is multi-stage and directly affects the restrictions on depositing and withdrawing funds in one operation. to expand the capabilities, you will have to send more documents. Initially, you will be given a limit of 1000 euros. Restrictions can also depend on the state in the territory, which is home to the user of the resource.

What are the best Skrill betting sites?

Nowadays there is a wide range of the best Skrill betting sites for online betting. Here we mention only some of the online betting sites:

The whole list of Skrill betting sites includes more than 30 betting sites.

Deposits and withdrawals from betting site

This process can be quite easy as Skrill remains one of the top payment methods for bettors. You should fund your account before you can place bets.

Deposit method with Skrill account?

Next, a logical question arises: What is the deposit method in Skrill betting? You should consider how much money you want to deposit into your sports betting account. Especially if you consider the serious restrictions in the form of a ban on transactions between Skrill and other payment systems (WebMoney, Yandex. Money and Qiwi). Deposit method for your betting account is possible only through:

  • bank transfer, while the bank itself must use the SWIFT transfer system. At the same time, it is worth noting that the deposit money process can take a long time, and the money can come only a few days after the bank transfer transaction. It may depend on bank details.
  • another payment method is to add funds with a credit or debit card.
  • directly to transfer money from your Bank card that was linked to your Skrill account. In this case, do not forget about payment details, as you will be charged a commission of 2%, but this deposit method is faster, as you will receive the transfer to your sports betting account itself instantly.

Withdraw money from Skrill account

Withdrawing money from Skrill involves the same operations as when depositing funds to your betting account. At the same time, VIP users have the opportunity to get a personal Skrill card, with which you can pay for services, as with a regular bank card. However, to withdraw money from the Skrill payment system, you will have to pay a commission in the form of a fixed rate:

  • 3.5 euros for VISA debit card, Skrill Prepaid Mastercard cardholders, and it is required that its details are specified inside your Skrill account, as well as bank transfer.
  • 1.8 euros for a registered Skrill card, while for VIP users with the Silver level, commission payments are compensated.

While Skrill betting Cashing money from a Skrill account by transfer to a bank account will also require us, customers, to pay an amount of 2.95 euros.

You have the opportunity to transfer Skrill money to another participant of this payment system, for such a transaction you will have to pay 1% of the total amount, but not more than 10 euros.

Commission for transfers, deposits and withdrawals from Skrill account

While betting with Skrill there is a commission. For transfers between accounts, betting site e-wallet charges a commission – 1%, but no more than 10 €.

A fee of 2.95 euros is charged for withdrawing funds to a bank account and a debit card (if you are a VIP client, this fee is not charged).

The VIP programme at Skrill

If you make payments of more than € 2,000 per month using skrill, you can become a VIP customer at Skrill team. This can be especially beneficial to high rollers.

VIP benefits:

  1. no limit on outgoing transactions;
  2. increased limit when transferring funds to a credit card account;
  3. free deposit and withdrawal of funds, no commission for sending and receiving payments on your account;
  4. low commission for currency exchange;
  5. VIP support 24 hours a day;
  6. the free electronic security key;
  7. VIP club, with a program to encourage loyal customers (strictly by invitation), exclusive privileges and bonuses for you.

If you meet the requirements for Skrill VIP customers, just write to email [email protected]. The VIP Customer Service will contact you and activate the VIP status of your account.

Skrill security key

An electronic security key is a device that generates a unique one-time password every time you log in to Skrill (Moneybookers), which increases the level of security and protection of your account. The miniature key can be carried in your pocket, purse or used as a keychain.

Each time you click on the button, the key generates a unique one-time password. It is used together with your usual data (username and password), which significantly increases the level of protection of the account. The electronic key is very popular among the wealthiest Skrill customers and those who need maximum security.

You can order a security key in the “security centre” section on your account page.

If the “Security Center” section does not appear in your account, please report it to the Skrill Support Center (Moneybookers), after that, you can order a security key.

The Skrill electronic security key costs 15 euros for all but Skrill VIP customers (Moneybookers).

Using Skrill security key gives even more opportunities to use payment methods.

Account verification in Skrill

For using Skrill e-wallet you must complete the account confirmation or verification procedure. Why is this necessary to use Skrill site? After completing each of the points on your account, the limit of the amounts available for deposit and withdrawal through your account will increase.

1. Plastic card (credit/debit)

Automatic credit card verification allows you to verify your card yourself. The goal is to confirm that you are the owner of this card.

What will be available after passing this method:

  • you will be able to add funds to your account using a confirmed card
  • the withdrawal limit will be increased
  • and the limits for adding funds from a credit card will be calculated automatically

How to complete the procedure:

Your card will be charged a random amount from 1.01 to 2.99 € or the equivalent in the currency of the card account. You will need to enter the amount of the debited amount on the Skrill website. You can find out the amount of the debited amount through online banking, or by contacting the customer support service of your bank. This amount will be returned to your account after confirmation.

What needs to be done: You can check your card from the Profile menu/Show limit or Top up your account/Credit card.

2. Postal address

An email with a confirmation code will be sent to the address you provided when registering your account. This code will need to be entered on the site. This procedure takes place automatically, you will not pay anything for postal services.

What will be available after passing this method:

the limit of outgoing transactions will increase the amount of the deposit on the credit card will be increased, you will be able to withdraw your funds.

How to complete the procedure:

Delivery of the letter takes from 5 to 10 working days. The code sent in the email is active for one year. Due to some security requirements, after confirming the postal address, you may be asked for additional documents (a scan of your passport and a receipt). If you can’t provide a receipt for payment of something, we recommend that you just go to your bank and certify your account details with the bank’s seal. This document is valid for Skrill for 3 months.

What needs to be done:

You can request an email with a code from the Profile menu/Contacts or Profile/Show the limit.

3. Bank account

Confirmation of the bank account is necessary to make sure that the account data you entered is correct and it belongs to you. Attention! Skrill wallet can only work with an account registered in the name specified during account registration.

What will be available after passing this method: the limit of outgoing transactions will be increased and withdrawal of funds to the bank account will be available.

How to complete the procedure:

When withdrawing funds to your bank account, the information field will contain a 6-digit code that you need to enter on the site.

What needs to be done:

You can start the bank account verification procedure from profile/a list of bank accounts or to show the limits/confirmation

4. Documents

You may be asked for documents to verify your identity and address. To confirm the address, you usually need data from your passport and another document (for example, a receipt for payment of an invoice). scans of documents must be readable.

What will be available after passing this method: the limit of outgoing transactions will increase the limit on withdrawal of funds will increase; you will be able to order a Skrill MasterCard card.

How to complete the procedure:

You need a colour copy of your passport (with pages with a photo and address), a second document confirming your address. This can be a receipt for payment for something or another document that contains your address.

What needs to be done:

You can send scans of documents from My account/Email Support/My profile/Account verification.

How to remove limits:

If you have completed all possible procedures, but you do not have enough available limits for your account operations, then you can become a VIP client, after which all restrictions will be lifted.

What will be available after passing this method: no restrictions on transactions, after receiving VIP client status, Skrill guarantees you a security key (free of charge), a special exchange rate for currency exchange, priority when withdrawing funds, exclusive VIP bonuses, and no additional payments.

How to complete the procedure:

If you make transactions worth more than 2000 € per month, just write to [email protected].

Reviews about Skrill

Reviews of the Skrill payment system (Moneybookers) are generally positive. Every second betting site provides payment with Skrill. This system offers reliable and favorable conditions for withdrawing funds from the betting site to the card while placing bets on the sports betting site. However, many players of sports betting sites complain when they use Skrill site about the long responses of the support service about individual disputes, so such problems are often more effectively solved by a phone call to regional offices.

There are also problems with accessing the main site — At the same time, this often occurs only in individual providers, which is solved by changing your IP address, using an anonymizer and VPN, or in extreme cases, changing the provider. If your betting account or Skrill site does not function properly, then you should contact the technical support of this service.

Pros and cons of Skrill

Here we highlight the main pros and cons of the Skrill payment system for betting.

Pluses of Skrill e-wallet:

A simple and clear procedure for registering and setting up a new account.

There is a custom application for mobile platforms, which greatly simplifies the use of the service.

Payment of any size without the need to provide personal data.

High limits on the withdrawal of funds from the electronic payment system.

No concept of the minimum amount available for withdrawal. That is, the user can withdraw or withdraw any part of their account.

The system in question is represented by many gambling sites.

Technical support of the site works 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Cons of using Skrill wallet for making bets:

Quite a high commission when compared with direct competitors.

The presence of a fee for maintaining an inactive account.

Full registration requires the provision of passport data.

A very complex and relatively lengthy process of verifying the user’s personal information.

There is a serious problem associated with the sudden blocking of accounts and, as a result, the freezing of money on them.

Summary of Skrill

Now there are more and more gambling sites using the Skrill system because Skrill offers very attractive terms of cooperation, as well as a wide range of functionality and tools suitable for betting. Many betting sites use offer Skrill service. At the same time, the majority of the user base has something to do with gambling, because Skrill in betting collaborates with large casinos and online bookmakers. Skrill allows to easily place bets and get the best online betting experience.

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