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William Hill sportsbook is one of the most reviewed topics on the Internet. Moreover, this company has a great history that begins in 1934. Therefore, most of the current reviewers were not around when the company just started to receive any deposit from players to make money. Neverheless, sports betting existed long before William Hill. At these times, betting was primarly done via post office or directly at the game. Mail and phone calls were the very origins of future William Hill offers. The first mortar betting shops of the company started to appear only in the 60-s. Moreover, the company started its online career only in 2012, and it still has legal disputes with over allowing US players to bet. Before digging deep into the whole story of William hill.sports book, let’s take a look at general information about this company:



  • William Hill’s website is https://www.williamhill.com.
  • According to the gamblingsites.org/reviews/william-hill, US Players are not accepted, but the company still promises that it will consider accepting the US players in the future.
  • William Hill’s online site saw the light only in 2012.
  • Regarding the bonus offer, it’s not that big, just £25 for a free bet.
  • This company is licensed in the United Kingdom.
  • William Hill is physically located in London, UK. Therefore, most of its staff and customer service is located in London. Nevertheless, the company also hires people from all around the world to work remotely.
  • The main software of the company consists of Pragmatic, Microgaming, IGT and Evolution Gaming.
  • If you want to set up an account on this online casino website, you will need a deposit. Fortunately, the banking options of William Hill are great. The company works with PayPal, Paysafecard, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Wire, Visa, MasterCard and others. Therefore, you will not have problems with a payment method.
  • A great variety of deposit options is one of the main features of this gambling site.
  • An enormous list of available markets, you can choose anything! Do you like ice hockey, then bet your money on NHL. Do you like american football? Then try betting there!
  • One more thing to say about William Hill is its native mobile app. It’s a great addition to gamblers who adore betting all the time. In other words, it’s your opportunity to check bets all the time without any need to sit in front of the computer all day.
  • If you will read closely our Hill review, you will notice that this company offers instant transfer options for your balance.
  • Unfortunatelly, this company also has weak points that you must know. The first thing to notice is weak promotional options. Even its latest promotion, like bet 10 and get 30 in free bets looks weak compared to the offers from other casinos and sports betting companies.
  • Due to some conservative vibes presented in William Hill, you may notice that the desktop site layout is a little bit strange. Not all users may get used to it, and deposit money may be difficult from the first try. That’s why you will need a little bit more time to get used to the desktop version’s home page.
  • Lovers of bingo, casino, poker or other pure gambling experiences may not like the limited amount of such games presented in William hill.

William Hill sports book history

The company was established by William Hill, and the year of its creation is considered to be 1934. Why is this year so special? During the 30-s, gambling was illegal. Moreover, the company changed many owners before being placed in the hands of Sears Holdings in 1971. After that, it was acquired by Grand Metropolitan and then Brent Walker. Overall, that was far from the end of the story. In 1997, Normura, one of the biggest Japanese investment banks, mounted over £700 million to buy the company from collapsing Brent Walker. At that time, the debt of Brent Walker was over £1.3 billion. Nevertheless, Normura couldn’t hold its English company sportsbook William Hill for long and offloaded it to CVC Capital Partners and Cinven. As a result of that deal, Normura got £825 million. In the start of the second millennia, new adventures followed William Hill:

William Hill and CBS Sports

  • The company appeared on the London Stock Exchange in 2002.
  • In 2002, the company bought Sunderland Greyhound Stadium.
  • In 2003, David Harding, the Chief Executive of the company, got £2,83 million bonus which made him the second-highest-paid director of 2003 in the UK.
  • In 2003, Newcastle Greyhound Stadium was also acquired by Williams Hills.
  • In 2004, David Harding divorced and had to sell £5.2 million in stocks to fund legal disputes with his ex-wife. As a result, the company lost over £75 million in stocks due to the decline caused by that divorce.
  • In 2005, William Hill managed to buy 624 offices for betting in Stanley Leisure, Jersey, Isle of Moan, Republic of Man and, of course, the UK. The official price for all those deals was around £504 million. This acquisition quickly helped to overcome Ladbrokes.
  • By the end of 2005, William Hill was out of the FTSE 100 Index due to the suspicion that the company overpaid for Stanley shops.
  • In 2008, the company got its new Chief Executive – Ralph Topping. This man managed to work his way up through the ranks, starting from Saturday shifts in a small betting shop in Glasgow up to the top manager of the company.
  • Under the leadership of Ralph Topping, the company partnered with Playtech and Orbis to start transferring its systems towards live betting online. As the first deposit towards online business, William Hill paid £144.5 million to create several online casino websites. You can still see them under the name WHG.
  • In 2009, Playtech had over 29% in shares of William Hill.
  • In 2012, the company started its online website and showed its interest in Nevada betting shops.
  • In 2017, the company won several court cases that proclaimed that an individual state can decide whether they allow William Hill to operate or not. As a result, over 17 states welcomed the company and its betting business, but for most of the US players, customer service of William Hill’s out of reach.

Casino games operations of William Hills


William Hill casino

In this William Hill review, it’s necessary to discover all aspects of the company to understand its motives. For today, more than 14 thousand people work in the company worldwide. Most of the company offices are situated in the UK, Gibraltar and the Republic of Ireland. More than 1,500 Licensed Betting Offices of William Hills situated in the UK, and together they process more than one million bets every day. In addition, the company offers such casino offers, like the online poker room, online bingo games, slots and skill games. In other words, William Hill casino works day and night to provide jackpot games to the customers in the UK, Ireland, North America and others. The company also offers regular training to its customer support team in order to satisfy both casino customers and sports bettors. For instance, only in 2010, Hill William trained more than 10 thousand its workers to combat underage gambling problems.

How long does it take to get winnings from William Hill?

William Hill Plc

Pros and Cons of bets in William Hills


  • The site’s layout is the first problem noticed by many people who called customer service. Some game categories are weird. For instance, “Vegas”, how is it different from “Casino”? Or “Scratchcards” with their own category. It looks more like, the old version of Playtech Casino games somewhere from 2009.
  • Weak promotions on the site. There is almost nothing in the way of referral program or additional bonuses for bets with time. Moreover, the first deposit bonus is not so gorgeous as some players wanted to be.
  • William Hills and some shady affiliate websites. Since the partnership with Playtech in 2009, the company inherited some rogue casino operators. Some sites are still working and collect visitors.
  • The games are extremely easy to access via phone, text, desktop or any gadget online. Moreover, the website is available in 24 languages.
  • Is William Hill trustworthy? There may be some issues due to shady websites partnered with this company, but it has been presented on the London Stock Exchange market for almost 20 years. It’s a highly reputable organization and one of the best companies in the UK. The company constantly shows great financial results despite any crisis.
  • A truly impressive list of available markets, like GAA hurling, college football, tennis, basketball, TV, Oscar and so on.
  • Some people fear that William Hill is closing down due to the scandals with new customers, issues with promotions and various other problems. Still, you shouldn’t belive these rumors. For today, the company has profits and there are all chances that it can survive not only this global crisis.

How do I get my money from William Hill: Banking options!

William Hills offers various ways to lend your deposit and withdraw money from it. The company works with millions of customers all around the world. Nevertheless, banks have their own rules for transferring money. For today, Hill offers 42 methods of transferring money. Lets’s take a look at 10 most usable:

  • Instant transfer with Visa but the max. amount is only $99, 000.
  • Instant transfer with MasterCard but the max. amount is only $99, 000.
  • Instant transfer with Electron but the max. amount is only $99, 000.
  • Instant transfer with Maestro but the max. amount is only $99, 000.
  • Instant transfer with Paypal but the max. amount is only $5,500.
  • Instant transfer with Skrill but the max. amount is only $88,000.
  • Local bank transfer will take up to 5 days and the max. amount is $10,000.
  • A check will need up to 10 business days to transfer and the max. amount is only $100,000.
  • WesternUnion should be transferred within 2 days and the max. amount is only $10,000.
  • Instant transfer with CashDirect but the max. amount is only $5,000.

Sports betting review

William Hill Sports Lounge

According to the SportsBook Review, the overall rating of free bet options on sports from William Hill is “A”. A great number of customers with lots of positive reviews can support this claim of the SportsBook Review. There are more than 31 ways to place wager here. Still, this company is based in the UK and sometimes it feels that the only one player that can feel all the joy from placing a bet here is the UK citizen. There is a major emphasis on Wales, Scotland and England. Nevertheless, professional gamblers will also like wagering their money on US sports. Moreover, the UFC/MMA is also presented here. The latest promotion that you can bet is “bet 10 get 30”. Therefore, gamers will like to chase opportunities placing bets withdrawing their deposit enjoying the games, like:

  • Olympics
  • Winter Sports
  • Handball
  • TV
  • GAA Hurling
  • Snooker
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Ice Hockey
  • UFC
  • MMA
  • Darts
  • Reality Shows
  • Cycling
  • Politics
  • American Football
  • E-Sports
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Baseball
  • Lotteries
  • Australian Rules
  • Football (a traditional game to bet for all players)
  • Basketball
  • Motorbikes
  • Volleyball
  • Racing
  • Virtual games
  • Golf
  • Horse racing

E-Sports of William Hill

William Hill esports betting

Betting options for E-sports in William Hills are really great. Hill offers a list of games to play starting from low and up to top leagues in the gaming industry. Nevertheless, according to the rights reserved by the company, it’s obligated to show games with active bets. It’s necessary to avoid any inconvenience for players. Nevertheless, the options for E-games betting might be limited. In most cases, you just place your bet on “who can win the match”. YOu can also find bets on the kill amount, but, still, the variety is not so great. Take a look at the list of games that William Hill offers right now:

  • League of Legends (It’s the most popular game to place your bet. Live betting is available for LCK, NA LCS, LJL, LMS, Pro League, Secondary Pro, LPL, EU LCS).
  • Halo Championship.
  • StarCraft (Mostly Starcraft II because StarCraft I is outdated for most tournaments).
  • Dota 2
  • CS:GO

William Hill review – Casino

You have got to the most interesting part of the review. William Hill has amazing options for gambling, starting from the welcome bonus, free bets, live chat and bonuses for your deposit & account registration. By the way, the registration process of your account is extremely simple here. Minimum data, deposit, and you get your free bet to play. No one can resist this offer. William Hill offers an extensive library of games designed by Playtech. Frankly, not all people like to place a free bet on Playtech games. Moreover, you should also consider the weird design of the website. The first option you bump into is the section with “Table Games”. What is “Table Games”? It’s a section with dozens of games, but they are mostly variations of the classical roulette.

Card Games and Slots in William Hill

The Best William Hill Casino Promotional

Card games with slots take a special place in William Hill. You can find slots in the “Slots” section of this online casino, where Playtech placed all titles of its famous slot. It’s a big library of more than 200 different slots with many categories. The categories can be broken up by game complexity, special features, the number of lines, popularity, latest played, relevance and so on. In short, people like playing with slots and if you are the one who also likes slots, then you will be happy to visit William Hill after this review. In that case, you just need to set up your account, invest in your deposit, and start from placing a free bet. Live chat is also available there if you have any trouble with setting your data. By the way, live betting is even greater with Card Games, just look at the presented options:

  • BlackJack (Lucky version)
  • BlackJack (Progressive version)
  • Poker (Pai Gow variant)
  • Caribbean Stud
  • BlackJack (Perfect version)
  • BlackJack (21 duel version)
  • Red Dog
  • BlackJack (Switch version)
  • Baccarat
  • BlackJack (Super 21 version)
  • Stravaganza
  • Wild Viking
  • Poker (Tequila variant)
  • BlackJack (Classical version)
  • BlackJack (American version)
  • Pontoon
  • BlackJack (Surrender version)
  • Hold`Em
  • BlackJack (UK version)
  • BlackJack (Double Attack)

Scratch Cards at William Hill

It’s one of the newest additions where you can put your money at William Hill. It’s not the same as placing a bet, but it also has its charm. Moreover, it’s one of the best ideas to spend time for people who like to try their fortune. Nevertheless, not all people like this kind of fun, but it certainly has its market. Moreover, you might also like it because the company offers special bonuses for scratch card users. According to the latest review from the gamgsites.org, William Hill offers up to 14 different types of scratch cards. Nevertheless, many people will find that they are not that different from one another. The only difference is in symbols on the scratch cards and offered prize packages. Other than that, the mechanism for different types is the same. You just scratch the card and do that online.

Poker games at William Hill

William Hill Casino Poker

If you adore poker, then you have made the right choice with this William Hill review. William Hill is one of the parts of the iPoker network. This means that you will get 24/7 poker games with 2,600 players on average ready to place a bet. It’s more than enough to win a lot of money. iPoker networks also provide various poker championships to play around. Nevertheless, poker is not just a game. It’s an official sport with wildest professional players ready to place a free bet right now. One thing that online poker can miss is the true presence of other players around. That’s the reason why you can find that poker games at William Hills are very fast and new players tend to get destroyed pretty quickly. Even with a live chat, it does not seem like people presented near you and you can freely bluff. Take a look at the poker games presented at William Hill online site:

  • Seven Card Stud
  • Omaha
  • Texas
  • Five Card Stud

Customer service at William Hill

The diversity of customer service support is enormous here. Your free bet will be protected by dozens of operators speaking different languages. Moreover, you can ask for help 24/7. For the casino customers in the UK, the number is (1-800)-014-9469. If you are a poker player, then you will need to dial (1-800) 014-9470. Live chat for customers is also available 24/7. You can also send emails to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] to get help if you are having trouble with something. The support is available in the following languages:

  • English (obviously)
  • Greek
  • Portuguese
  • Slovenian
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • German
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Romanian
  • Finnish
  • Czech

Useful promotions from William Hill

William Hill promo code 2020

If you register an account at William Hill, you must know what kind of promotions you can expect from the game. No need to rush and start placing your bet. Let’s take a look at the promotions provided by William Hill:

  • Bet £10 and you will get £30. You just need to place your first bet at £10 and get three £10 for free.
  • Free £5 every week. If you have spent £20 on accumulators last week, you will get an extra £5 next week.
  • Enhance your odds. William Hill provides enhanced odds options every week. You just need to look where it’s placed and start betting.
  • Get your 100% just for £150 in Casino play
  • Get your 150% just for £200 in Casino play
  • Get your 75% just for £100 in Casino play
  • 100% cashback on Vegas games for new players (available up to £20)
  • New player bonus in the live casino – up to £50
  • Daily BlackJack prizes
  • Get your 200% as a new player bonus if you deposit £200 and more
  • Weekly 10,000 prize on Roulette


William Hill gets all rights reserved for the content provided at the official website of the company. If you want to join their enormous number of users, you have all the right to do that. You just need to create an account and deposit some money to start playing. Your deposit and data will be secured. As you have noticed from this article, William Hill is a company with a great history that started way back in the 30s. Nevertheless, it does not mean that it’s super conservative. A lot of people bet here and win. Of course, people who do not win will likely leave bad feedbacks about this sports betting website. Some people may also claim that William Hill will be closed at the nearest time. According to the official sources these claims are false. As a result, you should have no worries about betting at William Hill. All you need to do right now is to register and enjoy playing. That’s it!

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