USA Betting Sites

USA Betting Sites

Now, online sports betting sites gained much popularity in the US, so we decided to make a small review about all the aspects of online sportsbook system in the USA and revise all such things as live betting, terms and conditions of the US best betting websites, betting lines, popular US sports and a lot of other things.
Published on April 12, 2019
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Online betting in the US has long been prohibited. So, I would like to start with a note that, as such, the concept of American online sportsbooks and sports bettors is in part erroneous and incorrect. The proof of my words can be the legislation of the United States of America, which completely prohibits the conduct of online sports betting activities on the territory of the country.

Sooner or later, each of the USA betting sites was forced to be closed, and betting online was completely stopped. Of course, they continued to work under the brands of other online sports betting companies, but this method did not always allow them to return to their former popularity and demand. That is why online betting sites started to write petitions to the USA government with requests to allow online sportsbook activity. After a while, they managed to win this battle for US betting legalization.  Read on to find out more about US online sportsbook options.

Sports betting in US and ny view

Can you Bet Online in the USA?

Sports betting has always been popular in the United States. However, sports betting sites are limited by law. The PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act), which has been in effect in the United States since 1992, banned almost all types of sports betting and online sports betting in the country. The provisions of the document did not apply only to Delaware, Oregon, Nevada, and Montana. However, in May 2018, the Supreme Court upheld New Jersey’s claim on sports betting at land-based casinos and racetracks, effectively lifting the ban on the multi-billion dollar sports betting industry.

Like most types of online gambling, online sports betting in the United States has been severely restricted since the 2006 Illegal Internet Gambling Control Act was passed. Fortunately, however, the federal government changed the law in 2012 to allow states to run sports betting sites within their territories. As a result, in December 2013, three states began online gambling: Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey. Nevada was the first state to launch a number of online sports betting sites for Las Vegas players. So, good news, the US betting is finally free and legit.

Can you Legally Use Online Sportsbooks in the US?

There are many reliable and proven sports betting sites in the USA because Americans do not like it if the sports betting site cheats. The sports betting sites are competing for customers, and the competition is quite fierce even between local sweepstakes. That is why, most of the online sportsbook sites give a huge variety of best online betting options, provide customers with good betting lines and work on favorable terms and conditions for customers. The only thing that can attract gamblers’ is the quality of service, a wide line, good live betting lines, and good odds. So, by playing at US bookmakers, you will not lose anything because they provide the best online services possible.

What Betting Options are Offered to US Online Players?

Single bet (Single)

A single bet, or single, as the name implies, is a bet on one event from the sports betting site’s line. The most popular events for this option, suggested by sports betting sites, are wagers on three outcomes – win-draw-lose. According to the terms and conditions, in the sports betting site’s line, these wagers are indicated as follows:

“1” and “2” are the wins of the respective team in the match, “X” is a draw.

You can also bet on the outcome of not the entire match, but, for example, any of the halves (if we are talking about football). The calculation is carried out according to the same terms and conditions as in the case of a sports bet for the entire match.

Now that you know what the betting single means, let’s look at its pros and cons:


  • Simplicity and clarity of sports betting rates.
  • Good odds.
  • High limits.

The downside is the impossibility of making a good profit in a short time since a bet on one event brings relatively little money.

Double chance

Double Chance is an improved variant of betting on three outcomes, provided by sports betting sites. According to the terms and conditions, it takes into account the double outcome of a match or duel. For example, “win or draw” of team X in a meeting with team Y. In the sportsbooks’ lines, such events are indicated as follows:

“1X” in this scheme means that the match will end with a victory or a draw of the first team, “X2” – with a victory or a draw of the second team, and “12” – with a victory of the first or second team (there will be no draw in the match).


Handicaps are one of the most popular types of wagers in modern sportsbooks sites. This is a bet on a match or a duel, in which one of the participants starts the match with a positive or negative handicap of goals or points. The latter depends on the sport you have chosen. Classic handicaps come in two formats: whole (-1; +2) and multiples of 0.5 (+1.5; -2.5).

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is the same handicap betting (see above), but with a wide range of odds. If in classic handicaps only odds divisible by one and 0.5 are taken into account, then the Asian handicap also takes into account wagers multiples of 0.25. Let’s consider the last case, which will differ from the calculation of the usual handicaps.

The Asian line handicap is as follows:

  • If you place a bet with a multiple of 0.25, then the bet is divided into two parts. Half of the amount is placed on a handicap that is greater than 0.25, and the other half is placed on a handicap 0.25 less.

Note that for a single bet with an Asian handicap multiple of 0.25, the client is paid the winning part. If such a bet is included in the express (consisting of several events), then if one of the two parts loses, the entire express is burned out.


Total is the bettor’s bet on the number of goals that are expected to be scored. Sportsbooks sites provide a variety of options for such bet. Such a bet is placed on the fixed result offered by the bookmaker. The bettor chooses a value greater or less than the suggested one.

There are several options for Total:

  • Based on the results of the match.
  • Based on the results of a half or period (Total for the first and second or only for one of them).
  • Individual total of a certain player (team) – for his/her goals, yellow/red cards, etc. It is designated as ITB, ITM.

The half time or period total means that events will be counted not within the whole match, but within a certain segment (half or period).

Asian Total

Classic total multiples of 0.5 (this is 0.5; 1; 1.5; 2; 3.5, etc.) is, in principle, everything that is described above. There is also Total, a multiple of an integer – 1; 2; 3.

In football, predictions can also be made for the Asian total, which is more “sensitive” than 0.5 or 1, since it is a multiple of 0.25. Not a lot of sportsbooks sites give options on Asian total.

What does this option give the bettor and why is it better than other sportsbooks’ options?

All the same safety net as in the double outcome bet. After all, Asian total assumes a combo bet on 2 adjacent TB or TM (0.75; 1.75; 2.75, etc.).

The advantages of such a bet appear in situations where the bettor needs to make the most flexible and less risky prediction, depending on the specifics of the sporting event. Total with a multiplicity of 0.25 increases the chances of a bet on entering and reduces the likelihood of losing or returning a bet.

Express Sports Betting Strategy – What you Need to Know

Before betting, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • The betting sites can limit the number of events that can be included in the wagering options or prohibit the inclusion of certain outcomes in it.
  • The overall ratio of the expresses can also be limited by the US betting sites.
  • You cannot include bets on dependent or conditionally dependent outcomes (victory of the team and its IT) in the combination.
  • The fewer events in the locomotive of expresses, the more likely it will enter, but the less the number of winnings.
  • The lower the odds, the more likely the combination will work.
  • And most importantly, if at least one event in the combination is lost, the entire bet is burned out.

Most of the proposed types of bets are applicable only to certain sports, in particular, football and hockey. Separate bets (outcome, exact score) are used in all sports disciplines.

Before choosing specific bets, get to know the upcoming competition, learn more about the teams and players. This will make it possible to predict the outcome of the match with maximum probability.

Feel free to use compound bets and “safety net”. Yes, the odds will be slightly lower, but this will increase your chances of winning and will save part of the bank.

What Sports you Can Bet on Best Online Betting Sportsbooks in the US?

In theory, you can bet on anything – presidential elections, Brexit, cultural and artistic events. However, in most cases, users place bets on various sports events – football and hockey matches, basketball games, boxing matches, horse races, etc.

How to Choose a Sport to Bet on the Online Betting Sites?

When choosing a sport for betting in bookmakers’ sites, one should proceed not from false criteria about the concepts of ease or profitability, but from one’s own knowledge about this or that sport. You should only place bets on those competitions that you can figure out on your own. If you are fond of football, then you need to bet only on football, if you only know about baseball, then you should only bet on baseball. The selection of rates may not be very large, but they will be with increased reliability.

I Want to Bet on US Sports. What Should I Choose?

Sport plays a vital role in life and is an indispensable part of US culture. The vast majority of Americans watch, are interested in, or play major sports themselves. This applies not only to the male population but also to the fair sex. So, we understand your eagerness to place bets on US sports. We have compiled for you a small list of the most common ones.


MMA is a young sport that became widespread just a few decades ago in the early 90s. Despite this, mixed martial arts are already among the ten most popular sports in the United States with excellent prospects for further development.

Types of Bets on MMA

Result. Draw outcomes are rare in MMA, therefore bookmakers may not offer odds for a draw at all, or give very high odds for a draw result of the fight (from 50.00).

On the Method of Victory. According to the rules, there can be several such methods. All-round wins include a win/draw by decision. Usually, to this type of bet, it is added which referee’s decision will be announced: separate or unanimous. Bookmakers offer a similar type of bet on title fights or the loudest fights of the evening.


According to the latest data, about 14 million Americans are interested in or play tennis themselves. In order to place bets on tennis, it is necessary to study all the main features of this sport, analyze all available data, thoroughly understand tennis and tennis players. Tennis betting lines differ from football, hockey, and similar sports lines. Here you can place bets on the outcome of games, total games, and many other outcomes.


Golf is a curiosity and a little-known sport for most Europeans. In America, despite its low entertainment and lack of action, golf is one of the most popular individual sports.

Online sportsbooks have prepared many golf betting options for players. At the same time, the odds for such bets may differ significantly from one betting site to another. Correct golf predictions are the key to the success of a player who wants to win on bets US. A golf betting strategy needs to take into account many factors that have a direct or indirect impact on an athlete’s performance. A lot of players often resort to match-up US bets. Only by conducting deep analysis, you can achieve informed decisions, and therefore correct predictions for golf and win money on betting US.

What Betting Sites Can I Use in the USA?

Sports betting has always been big business in the US. For example, in 2017, the number of sports betting in Las Vegas alone was $ 4.8 billion. You have the opportunity to experience sports culture by betting on your favorite competitive games. The first step towards online betting is choosing a reliable sports bookmaker, for example, one of the ones we recommend.

It is very important that you take our recommendations listed below seriously, as our experience in gambling and betting goes back decades and we can definitely tell the difference between a great bookmaker and a mediocre one.


Offshore bookmaker Unibet is a piece of one of the world’s biggest internet betting organizations – Kindred Group. The bookmaker acknowledged the main wagers in 1998 (the organization was established a year sooner, however because of the absence of a permit it couldn’t fully work) in the UK by telephone. In any case, presently Unibet’s customers are in excess of 16 million players from Belgium, Italy, France, Australia, and just about a hundred different nations around the globe who wager on the web.

The bookmaker line has over 40 different sports available for betting. The most widely covered are football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, tennis, baseball, boxing, and e-sports. Specific consideration is paid to top competitions, for instance, the Football Champions League or the English Premier League, where you can wager on one of 300-400 markets.

What Bonuses Does this Sports Betting Site Offer?

The bookmaker tries to satisfy its players with various incentives and prizes as much as possible. For example, there are already starting bonuses that can be received immediately after registration after the first deposit is made or free bet. Unibet is now offering its new customers an insurance bonus on your first bet. 50% of the first bet sum or live wager will be guaranteed against the danger of misfortune, with a maximum pay measure of € 30.

The bonus offer in the CIS has been slightly curtailed – this practice is common among Western bookmakers. This is done in order to weed out “bonus hunters” from the client list. But in turn, the Unibet betting site offers bonuses when using the mobile application or the mobile version of the Unibet website.

The Unibet sports betting site continually satisfies its clients with updates of different bonuses for its regular players. For instance, it runs a competition for forecasters, in which the best of the best get important prizes and gifts or get extra assets to their account. Once in a while, the wagering site offers a free bet.

If you choose to take a stab at club games, at that point a reward of 100% of your first bet as much as 100 euros will likewise be accessible to you. Furthermore, the poker room has free competitions with a real prize pool.


The web portal of the betting organization provides for 18 languages. According to users, the functionality of the standard view, the interface is intuitive, and the navigation is as convenient as possible. On the left are the available sports, in the center are the sporting events, and on the right and above – everything else. The bookmaker offers an extensive selection of event outcomes. On the web portal, you can view video broadcasts of some matches. The list of sporting events is varied and contains many events in a live format. The prematch line includes over 30 types of sports, including both popular and little-known sports. The line of events is considered to be one of the most competitive in terms of the variety of sports types and the offer of the market. The main focus of the betting site is on football.

Is Bet365 Legal in the USA?

Yes, online sports betting was allowed in New Jersey in mid-July 2018, after which Bet365 began accepting bets on the Hard Rock site. So, you can place bets without fear of the legality of your actions.


Pinnacle is one of the best bookmakers in the world, which at a high level offers its clients bets with good odds, a wide range of events, and a guarantee of reliability. The site of the Pinnaclesports bookmaker’s office is made in the bookmaker’s corporate colors: orange and blue. But there is no overkill in bright colors, the color scheme is made in the best version. The minimalistic design of the site only emphasizes the convenience of placing everything you need on the site. The Pinnaclesports bookmaker does not pursue the growth of its client base in every possible way but rather works on itself more in order to provide its players with the best betting conditions.

How Do I Fund my Account on this Sports Betting Site?

The minimum deposit at Pinnaclesports is different depending on the deposit method. For example, when replenishing an account using credit cards, the minimum deposit is $ 50, and through electronic payment systems – only 10.

The speed of money withdrawal also depends on the withdrawal method, but through the same payment systems, money very quickly comes to your electronic wallet. Your personal account can be kept in one of ten possible currencies. There are no problems with withdrawing money, except for the generally accepted restrictions on the amount of payments.

Final Thoughts

Check out a list of online sports betting sites that accept US players and offer high-quality, safe online gaming. Place your bets, choose the most suitable events and odds among the offers of several dozen online bookmakers in the USA. For more information, check out our reviews of online sports betting sites that host US players. Have a nice experience in the USA betting!

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Does US Betting Sportsbooks Provide Players with Express Betting Options?

Absolutely yes! What is more, sports bettors really like this option of online betting sites.

What are Express Bets

So, if the bettor decides to place a bet on one of the markets offered by the sportsbooks sites - for example, on the victory of one of the teams, a win with a handicap, or "total over/under", then such a bet is called a "single bet".

However, if two or more selections are combined in one bet, it turns into an express bet. Some players also call it a “quick bet”, meaning that here you can quickly hit a good jackpot with a certain amount of luck.

But, no matter how you call this type of bet with betting sites - express, combined, or quick bet - its essence boils down to the following: in comparison with a single bet, here not one, but all the outcomes of events you have chosen should coincide. In this case, to calculate the possible winnings, the coefficients of each of the events are multiplied.

In general, the principle of placing multiple bets is quite simple. The terminology is also understandable when players call a bet of two events linked together with a "double", of three - a "triple", of four - a "quadruple", etc. However, if there are many choices on the market at once, more complex variants of combined bets are possible, including both single and express bets.

What is the match total?

It is the total number of goals scored during the competition. Moreover, the goal of both opponents is considered, and the outcome of the match (who won) is not taken into account.

What is an individual total in wagers?

These are the achievements of one, usually a rating player, for example, a scorer. Sometimes they bet not on achievements, but, on the contrary, on failures (the number of goals conceded, etc.). Also individual total is over or under 1; 2; 3, etc. may not relate to the athlete, but to the achievements of the team.

What Sport is the Best to Bet on the Online Sportsbooks?

The first thing to remember before starting the game at the bookmakers' sites is the lack of winning sports. The success of a bet directly depends on your ability to analyze statistical data and predict a certain outcome based on the information received.

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