Baseball betting sites

Baseball betting sites

Published on April 12, 2019
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Baseball is not just a game, but a great way for entertaining and the most exciting sport to bet on. You will like to bet within Major League Baseball where the best players of the world will fight for your attention. About 162 regular-season games with 30 teams allow you to have more 2,430 games to bet on. It’s without including playoffs and Championships. Thanks to the great number of baseball games, baseball betting just becomes easy for professionals and newbies in the world of betting sites. If you have ever considered using online sportsbooks to bet, then baseball is your chance to win extra cash.

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How do we choose the best baseball sites for betting?

We usually have a team of individuals who like betting and like baseball games. They are specialists in sports betting and can provide a lot of information about the most trusted websites to bet on world series. Therefore, we want to share with you our criteria for choosing the MLB betting website. We want to leave no stones untouched and provide you trustful information regarding any betting site. As you will see, betting in Major League Baseball can be easy, tackling the World series can also be simple. Do you want to bet on Dodgers or any other baseball team — you can do it. Let’s take a look at how we usually check the websites for you.

  • Dependability. What are the banking options on the website? Are they dependable? Can you rely on the sports betting software on the site? What about customer service? Will they help you if you need it? These are the main questions we want to continually ask ourselves before placing any bet. It’s just natural! How can you place a bet if you can’t trust the safety of the website?
  • If you want to bet on MLB, you need to have a great variety of best MLB betting options presented on the site. Betting on baseball is not just betting on who wins. Betting on the run, totals, specific prop bets can be interesting for many bettors. Therefore, offering just a simple total result of the match types of bets are not enough. You need to have an option of more expensive bets. That’s why we recommend searching through different sites and find different options. Even if World Series has not started, you want to make sure that you can place a bet. Having a large selection of MLB bets gives you this opportunity. That’s the reason we pay close attention to the available wager options when choosing one of the best baseball betting sites.
  • Easy to use. What is the point of a website when it’s too complicated to place simple wagers? That’s why when we choosing one of the best bettings on baseball sites, we want to make sure that you can place a bet there. Remember, placing a bet on any site shouldn’t be complicated, but some websites can really make this a problem. For instance, odds can change every time you wager on a game, and that’s why you should quickly find the right odds for you. Depositing and withdrawing money shouldn’t be a problem as well. There is no need to create a complicated game with deposits and withdrawals.
  • Sports experience. What is the sense of getting into betting, when you can’t feel that you play? Therefore, the design of the website, the atmosphere, the music. Everything needs to be in order for your betting experience. Nothing should make you leave the game at the very end. By the way, you have rights reserved for your pleasure. The website must provide you pleasure in gambling. Moreover, you should also know about responsible betting. It means that the website should do its best to allow you to relax, so you could get the best use of your money.
  • Amount of wagers. A simple bet on who is going to win or lose can be boring. You will need much better options in terms of wagering your money on something. You must get an option who wins in the first round, who misses the first goal, who will be the best player of the match… There are hundreds of ways to win money when wagering money. That’s the reason why setting up just a single option on a website is just outdated.
  • In total, when we are choosing online sportsbooks for you to bet, we consider a lot of factors and we also try to be as precise as possible. That’s how we can make you feel safe when placing a wager. No matter what kind of team you like or what site you choose, we want you to present with at least the one option you won’t regret.

Top 10 best baseball betting sites

We are going to cover not only sites specific to the baseball theme but also all possible sites that have at least one option for a baseball wager. MLB betting sites are our top priority of course, but you must understand that the MLB bet is not the only major event in the sports series. There are also hundreds of other interesting baseball events in the world. All these events deserve your bet and you deserve the right to win money placing a wager. That’s why our list includes various sports betting sites to make sure that you will find the site you really need.

  1. Betway. The first and sometimes the only option when it comes to placing a wager in baseball betting. Betway is an almost perfect site for sports betting. What you will really like is it’s 100% welcome bonus that can go up to $1000. This betting site gives a lot of options when it comes to MLB betting in baseball. Almost all visitors of this website give it 5 stars for excellent services and a great variety of options. By the way, while choosing a baseball game there, you can also take a look at various other sportsbook options. As a result, this site is not only good for baseball, frankly, when you choosing a betting site, Betway can be just the best one.
  2. 888sport. It’s another 5 stars rated website with an enormous amount of options when it comes to a baseball game. MLB betting, Major League of any other country, World Series, just name a game, and 888sport will have it. Sports bettors also like an 888sport $500 Risk-Free offer. By the way, you will also adore the design of the website and its a user-friendly interface that will help you quickly find a game to place a bet.
  3. William Hill. It’s one of the oldest baseball bets companies in the world. For people who love betting on baseball, William Hill offers 30 euros of free bets bonus, It means that you will have an additional 30 euros to place bets and enjoy a game. By the way, William Hill may have special offers for baseball season games and MLB. Therefore, if you want to get maximum from baseball, you will need to follow William Hill news, sports betting events, and other promo offers.
  4. Paddy Power. It’s also a great site to wager on baseball. The first thing to notice about Paddy Power is its 20 pounds risk-free bet option. It means, that you will have more money from the website to place in online betting. Paddy Power has extremely good reviews not only from professional sports bettors but also from regular customers who enjoy wagering their money on any game on this website. By the way, baseball is not the only game for bets there. Apart from baseball betting, you can also try to wager on football, basketball, volleyball, Esports or even play casino games.
  5. BetVictor. As you clearly see from the name, it’s one of the sites that give you an opportunity to win a game. It also has good reviews from various betting critics and regular customers. In most cases, BetVictor receives 4 out of 5 stars for its services. By the way, BetVictor offers a lucrative 50 pounds bonus as a match bet. Nevertheless, this bonus may vary on your location. At the same time, if you have ever got tired from World Series, MLB or regular season baseball matches, you can always switch to other sports, like football, ice hockey, basketball, golf and others. BetVictor offers you a great variety of sports game matches to wager money.
  6. 22Bet. It’s another great sporting site that can be your best MLB friend. This online sportsbook website can offer you up to 300 euros as a welcome bonus for bets. This amount of money, with the right strategic approach, can definitely help you to win. By the way, 22Bet is named one of the best betting websites when it comes to MLB betting sites. At the same time, if baseball is not the only sport you like, you will also find other fantastic options for 22Bet. There are dozens of sports betting options. You just need to choose at least one of them.
  7. Spin sports. It’s another great website with various types of bets. The main feature of the site is its 200 euros bonus. You can find almost any type of sporting event there. In the case of baseball, Spin sports features almost every major baseball event, like regular games, MLB, World series and so on. Betting on baseball is really easy here. You will not have any problem with using this website. The design is really nice and the overall interface is easy to use.
  8. WagerWeb. It’s a less known website for a bet baseball option. Nevertheless, a lot of sports bettors like to wager their money on WagerWeb. By the way, it’s one of the sites that gives 50% or up to $1000 welcome offer. It means that after you make the first deposit, you can claim up to $1000 to wager. Therefore, these additional 1000 dollars can help you to win even more money from the very start of the game. One more thing to consider, what if you get tired of sports gambling? With WagerWeb, you can switch to a casino. There are also hundreds of gambling options online. What about online betting on political or TV events? You can find all of them on WagerWeb.
  9. BetOnline. If it’s your first time on a betting site, then you will like the design of BetOnline. It provides great user-friendly features that will help you to easily get into baseball betting. Moreover, it’s one of the sites that can give you up to $1000 as a betting offer. Therefore, you may have a great variety of options to place bets. As a result, there is almost no chance that you get bored by using this website.
  10. My Bookie. It’s last, but not least member of our list of baseball betting sites. Similar to the previous three members in our list of baseball betting sites, My Bookie also grants up to $1000 as a welcome bonus. Therefore, by choosing a game to place bets on My Bookie, you also choose a place where to spend an extra $1000 to win even more. This online betting site can also offer you other sports to play with. For instance, volleyball, basketball, golf or any other sporting competition. By the way, if you are a fan of Esports, then you will like the options of Esports games on My Bookie.

How do you bet on baseball?

In this section, we will try to discuss the most obvious 8 options which you will have when wagering your money on online sportsbooks.

Moneyline bets

It’s the easiest and most popular types of bets you will see in every sports game. All you have to do in this wager is to select a team that will win a game, If you choose the team of winners, you will increase the sum on your withdrawal paycheck. Moneyline bets are the best place to start placing bets if you are a newbie. It does not require any complicated betting techniques as it’s either win or lose situation.

Over & Under bets

It’s the most common wager on MLB betting sites. In this situation, the website will count the total number of possible runs during a game. Your task is to bet whether it will be more or less runs. Similar to Moneyline bets, Over & Under bets have only two options. That’s the main reason why they are so popular. As you have noticed, if you make the right choice, you will easily win more money.

Spread bets

For those of you who have got used to the spread betting in games, like football, rugby and basketball, baseball bets spread will be simple. Nevertheless, some newbies may get frustrated as they do not understand spreading at all. If you are new in spread bets, then read attentively. In a spread, the sportsbook sites provide a number of runs stuck to the favored team, which means that the favored team should win by this number of runs. You will need to decide whether this team covers the spread or not.

Prop bets

Proposition bets are very popular amongst bettors. Prop bets are very specific bets. Here you will have an option to place bets not only two options but on several. In other words, you just place a bet on the possibility of numbers that are tied to the baseball game. For instance, who will be the first player to strike? Who will get the first hit? How many runs will be in the second inning? How money home runs will it be? These are only a small part of total wagers you will have when working with prop bets.

Parley bets

It’s one of the most advanced wager types you will see on sites. When you place a parlay bet, you actually play on a string of guesses. If you want to win in this game, all your guesses must be correct. Therefore, parley is very difficult to win, but if you do that, you can get a lot of money. Choosing bets correctly is a very difficult technique that may be too advanced for new players. Therefore, if you are not sure about parley bets, please, start with something less complicated. Make a few prop bets, money line bets or else to practice.

Series bets

You don’t need to choose individual games when you can wager on a series of games. A sample series of bets can be MLB’s World Series. You will just need to pick a winner in the overall series of games. It’s similar to Moneyline bets, but now you will need to place a wager on a team that will be a winner at the end of all series. If you choose correctly, you win. Otherwise, you lose. Thus, you need to choose wisely the team that can bring you a lot of money in the future.

Grand Salami Bets

It’s another great way for baseball betting sites to place a wager. It’s similar to under and over baseball wagers, but now you need to choose totals for over&under for one day. It’s like a series of bets, but for over and under options. It’s a very advanced game technique that is not recommended for new players. Nevertheless, if you are sure that you can win these types of bets, then you can try them on. No one should stop you from winning,

First Five Innings bets

As it comes from the name, you can eliminate wild cards that can come along with bullpen changes. This type of wagers can be extremely good if you want to choose just one pitcher. This wager offers you to choose the team which will lead in the first five innings. It can be simple and tricky at the same time. Still, you will love this game.

MLB Baseball Odds additions

MLB is a special league baseball series of games that will also have its special part in the betting sites. Therefore, MLB has its own pros and cons when it comes to wagering.

  • MLB props. When you get to the MLB betting, you usually place your money on some specific parts of the game, rather than the outcome. Moreover, some websites can allow you to create props according to the team starts. The most popular options in MLB are total runs, hits, errors, stats and first five innings.
  • MLB cons. The most obvious disadvantage is that these games do not play too often. Therefore, you may need to wait for the perfect season to start betting. Nevertheless, while you are waiting, you can wager on other games presented on the websites. By the way, it does not only include sports, but you can also gamble in the casino or even Esports.


We hope that you have found this review of the best baseball sites useful. Right now you can look through the above-mentioned sites and start wagering money. Poke around different websites to find the best for you. Remember, the first thing you need to get from a gambling website is joy. Still, a great sum of money can also be considered as joy and happiness for most people in the world!

What do baseball betting lines mean?

A betting line in baseball will show you immediately which team is the favorite and which team is the underdog. Also, it will show you how much payout you can receive on your bet, should your team win. A minus, or negative (-), sign means that the team is the favorite and is likely to win the match. Betting on it will give you a lower payout. So, a -200 line means that you need to bet $200 to win $100, or a 0.5 payout on the bet. A plus, or positive (+), sign means that the team is the underdog and is unlikely to win the match. Betting on it will give you a higher payout. Hence, a +200 line means that a $100 dollar bet will pay you $200 dollars should the team win. Or a 2.0 payout on the bet. However, since the team is the underdog, it is far less likely that this team will win the match. If you are an avid baseball fan, then keep a close eye on the betting lines as they can show you both the odds of each team winning, and immediately demonstrate the market opinion of your preferred team.

What does action mean in baseball betting?

An action bet is a wager on a team without paying regard to the starting pitcher of the team. The bet remains active even after a scheduled pitcher is removed from either team. If you have waged an action bet, the bet remains active regardless of what is happening with the pitchers. For example, a listed bet can become void and you can lose the money you have waged on the game, should the pitcher has changed in the game. This happens regardless of your opinion about the pitcher. Hence there is a risk involved in a listed bet as pitchers can change due to injury or otherwise. However, an action bet secures you against this. Here the pitcher changing in a team does not void your bet and should your preferred team win you will receive the payout. Thus, an action bet in baseball provides you with an additional layer of security against pitchers being removed, receiving injury during a game or any other contingency.

What does run line mean in baseball betting?

Run line betting is baseball’s equivalent of point spread betting in other sports. Here you can place a bet on whether the winning team will beat the losing team by more than a run or whether the losing team will keep the game within a run. In most cases, the run line is between -1.5 and +1.5. Run line betting can improve your payout if you are wagering on the more successful team. It can also hedge your payout if you are betting on the less successful team, or the underdog. In this case the gambler can still win his bet even if the team has lost the game but lost it by a given run. Say, data on the New York Mets looks like this: moneyline -130, run line -1.5(+150). Here you need to bet $130 on New York Mets, which will pay $100. But you can also bet that the team will win by more than a single run and bet $100 on it. Should the gamble pay off, you will receive an additional $150. Run line betting can be useful if the moneyline bet seems too expensive. Also, if your preferred team is not successful, placing a run line bet can help you spread out your possibilities.

What does 3-way betting mean in baseball?

A 3-way bet is a way you can increase the outcome of your bet winning. That way you receive better odds on your gamble. By using 3-way betting you can tap three outcomes with your bet instead of two, thus spacing out the probabilities to increase your chance of getting the gamble right. 3-way moneyline betting can be used, if you want to bet on team X winning, team Y winning or the game ending in a draw. That way, the chance of the bet paying off becomes 66.6%. If you are betting on baseball, and you are unsure of the outcome of the game and do not want to place all your money on a given team, 3-way betting can become extremely useful. Should you believe the two teams are unevenly matched, but are unsure as to which team will win, you can bet on either team winning. Or if you think the tournament will be an extremely close call, you can place a 3-way bet on team X winning or a match ending in a draw. This allows for greater opportunity in betting on baseball.

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