The Top European Betting Websites You Have Access To

The Top European Betting Websites You Have Access To

Published on April 12, 2019
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The best European websites that you can have access to. All listed here with a proper review and score system. Read below to get informed on the best offers!

Guide To The Top European Betting Websites

In today’s world, a lot of people are fans of the betting world. Many of them do and play bets on different sorts of machines, websites, and other activities in a million other ways to bet on. Online betting is, however, getting more and more popular with the current world state, partially due to COVID-19, the other part due to the ease of access. You do not have to go physically anywhere, run into the risk of seeing a familiar person and being ashamed, paying for drinks, and so on. You can simply remain home, sit on your couch, and use your phone, computer, tablet, or laptop to bet. Even most Smart TV’s can access the internet and you can play games via your television without any issues at all! As long as you have a credit card, debit card, or any other way to deposit money into the websites that they support, you will be good to go playing for as long as you want!

What Is Betting

Simply explained, betting is the act of setting a money bid on something that may happen. A few examples of that are;

  • Betting on horses that may win the race
  • Betting on a team football match
  • Betting on all other types of sports

With betting, after you set a money bid on a specific condition, the next step is to simply wait. Once the match or game is over, you will either lose your money if you fail to meet the betting win conditions or you will get your money back, plus a winning based on your initial bet! If you have bid a few dollars on Team A to win the football match, and Team A does win – you receive your money and the prize as an extra. If Team B wins, however, you lose your money.

This makes ideal conditions for easy money making by people who are familiar with a specific sport. If you regularly follow boxing for example, and you are interested in it – years of experience watching different fighters play – you will have a very good idea of which boxer will win each fight. Using your knowledge, you can attempt to increase your money easily just by betting on the player you think will win! The more you bet, the more you will receive in return.

Studies have shown that watching a game go on produces much more adrenaline and positive feelings if you have bid on that same game. The risk of losing or winning a lot of money is what fuels your brain into having a much more enjoyable time watching the game. You begin to monitor every move the players do and your brain keeps trying to calculate who will win. This makes your time spent in front of the television, or at the game, a field much more entertaining and well spent.

Trusted Betting Websites

We will be starting the list of the most trusted and widely used European betting websites. The first on our list is;


Bet365 is a very old and widely known website around Europe for betting bids for all kinds of games. Every game that you are familiar with will be listed on this website, which makes it very easy to use. This is due to the fact that you can do all your bets on all games you want with 1 account on that website, without having to switch websites back and forth, accounts, run into issues with passwords, e-mails and so on. The less websites you will have to use, the better – Bet365 combines it all in one and you will never have to resort to another website if you decide to stick with them! There are also bonuses for new account registrations, though beware – there is a system that will catch if you create multiple accounts just to abuse the bonus! The free money you can use to do your first bets and see how the system works trouble-free without having to risk from your own money.


Betfair is another large website known by everyone. They are mainly focusing on the football (soccer) games unlike Bet365, who specializes in everything without putting the main aspect on a single sport. Betfair, however, is known to be reputable and free of any issues that will interrupt your pleasurable betting experience. Upon creating your first account, if you meet the requested criteria, you will be able to use free bonuses and increase your account balance without having to spend your own money, but only the free money provided to you by the website! Once you are done with your betting, the payouts are paid instantly for your convenience. The website also features a more pleasant design than competitors, which is why we put this website in the second place.


Efbet is third on our list. Though it is less known around the European population, Efbet is a very promising website with a bright future. It contains the ability to bet on a lot of games, not only limited to soccer – you can bet on tennis, basketball, rugby, beach volley, table tennis, boxing/MMA, and much more. E-sports are also supported for all the gaming fans out there who are interested in that type of games – you can now bet on Efbet as much as you want, without any restrictions! The website, however, puts the main aspect on football (soccer). Which is understandable by us – football is the most viewed sport in Europe, hence why the main aspect. If you wish to even make into our listings here, without football you’d be lost due to how important it is to the European population, especially Germany and England. There is a very nice welcoming bonus as well to any new users to ease them into the site functionality. You can also play casino games, watch live games, and do live bets. A very nice aspect of Efbet is also being able to use Cashterminal to deposit money in your account in all the locations that are supported by the provider.  The cashback option when you bet on a goalscorer is also a very nice aspect which will do nothing more than help you earn more money than you’ve ever expected!

Our Experts Suggest

We always stick to what we write about. The top three European betting websites list here are non-sponsored and we have sorted them with their bad and good sides. In conclusion to that, the three betting platforms here will be the most pleasurable for you to use if you decide to abide by our hints and use them. All of those websites offer a good starting bonus that will let you be able to accommodate the design and website mechanics. Moving deeper in their descriptions it’s important that you know what games you wish to bet on. Some of the websites we listed support more games, while others support less – make sure that the website is supporting all games of your interest, so you will not have to use multiple websites to do your gambling.

Happy betting!

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