How to Choose the Best Football Betting Sites: Guidelines and our Top 7!

How to Choose the Best Football Betting Sites: Guidelines and our Top 7!

Football is a wonderful game praised by millions of people. Sports betting is something outstanding and many people like to participate in this kind of gambling experience. That's why there are hundreds of football betting sites that offer unlimited possibilities for football lovers.
Published on April 12, 2019
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This article will tell you everything you need to know about the best football betting opportunities you can find using just your computer and internet connection.

Can I bet on football games online?

Football betting sites will become your way to make money!

Football betting sites will become your way to make money!

Wanna bet on your favorite football team? You are a big fan of the super bowl, played college football or just know every football player in the world. Then why don’t you get started with cashing your knowledge right now? Place a bet or make a wager. You should start earning money from that and there are hundreds of football betting markets that you can explore. Live betting can be a perfect way of making money online. If you are an expert in top football teams and know different football techniques, you must place wagers in the best football betting sites. It’s really easy, just use any following website and start betting!

What is the best site to bet on football?

Top 7 football betting sites!

 Top 7 football betting sites!

1. Bet365

If you’re looking where to place your bet, then Bet365 is the place for you. It’s a sports betting leader with more than 21 million customers. College football, super bowl, NFL betting – name any football event, this football betting site will show you. The site is brilliantly designed and appealing to the eyes. Moreover, the interface is super user-friendly. The main features of this football website are extravagant and include 24/7 support, native apps, cashout, endless football leagues, business opportunities for partners, bet builders and many more other features. Frankly, online sports betting might have started with Bet 365 because its history begins more than 20 years ago. Starting from a small site for bets. It’s now at the top with sportsbooks, bet opportunities and all other features that a football fan need. By the way, the main pros of this website includes:

  • Extreme amounts of betting options and markets.
  • Fantastic bonuses for professionals and new players.
  • Nice customer services.
  • Responsible gaming.
  • No withdrawal fees.
  • No questions about jurisdiction.
  • Deposit bonuses for bettors.
  • Industry titan with a long history of football events.
  • Delightful reputation amongst football gamblers and players.
  • College sports, sports leagues or just football – take your pick.
  • Real opportunities to win from 50 up to 1,000 times more than a starting bet.
  • Secure connection.
  • Fast registration.
  • Frankly, one of the best online betting sites.


2. Paddy Power

All bookmakers in the UK name Paddy Power one of the best football betting sites featured as one of the best sportsbooks in the country. It’s very easy for any beginner to place bets here. By the way, Paddy Power is also approved by the UK Gambling Commission and provides worldwide streaming of various championships. Want to bet? Paddy Power is a perfect place to get started with lucrative odds that can quickly raise your capital from 50 up to 1,000 pounds! Mind that this best football betting site featured in almost every online sportsbook. The only drawback that you can find here is the unacceptance of cryptocurrency as your wagers. Nevertheless, you can use any other currency and payment methods to bet here. You may wonder, what are the pros of Paddy Power? Before placing your bets, just look at this list:

  • Named as one of the best sportsbooks in the UK.
  • Fantastically fast and user-friendly registration process.
  • Features millions of sporting events and football is one of the most popular.
  • Betting US options are also available.
  • Realistic odds for winning good money.
  • Exciting sportsbook promotion campaigns.
  • Various possibilities to bet on top football teams.
  • If you are looking for top football sites, then it’s your place to stay.
  • One of the sites that offer its own Cash Card.
  • Nice bonuses for owners of the Cash Card from this football betting site.
  • Good guides for new players regarding betting lines, wagers, best techniques to bet if needed.
  • Esports football betting.
  • One of the sites that offer simple registration with the minimum information required.
  • Wide range of deposit withdrawal options.
  • Live betting.
  • Online betting platform with millions of users and years of proven history records.


3. William Hill Sports

It’s another leader amongst the best football betting sites approved by the UK Gambling Commission. Overall, it’s one of the oldest football betting sportsbooks in the history of the UK. Its history starts in 1934 as a small sportsbook place to make wagers. For now, William Hill is a perfect example of football sites with great history and fast payouts. Nfl betting, college football, super bowl – all kinds of bets with real money and abilities to win from 50 up to 1,000 pounds and even more. Nevertheless, William Hills is one of the most conservative sites when you consider betting online. Betting experts are used to its interface, betting lines and sports betting bonuses, but newcomers will need time to get used to it. At the same time, it’s one of the best football betting sites and here you can find why:

  • Licensed not only in the UK but also in EU countries.
  • One of the oldest betting sites and companies in the world.
  • Fantastic native app to place your bets.
  • Fast and secure way to register on the site.
  • Various betting options.
  • Fast payouts.
  • Bet 24/7 with great customer service.
  • Low minimum deposit amongst other football betting sites.
  • Provides cash vouchers and pre-paid cards.
  • Recommended by best football bettors.
  • £30 welcome offer.
  • Bet £10 when odds are 1/2.
  • Bet boosts.
  • Play insurance.

4. BetFair

It’s one of the best football betting sites with a fantastic collection of betting markets. The first thing you will notice upon getting to this football betting site is a lucrative bonus of £100 as free bets. That’s why BetFair is called one of the most prominent online sports platforms to visit. Moreover, you also need to take a look at a great selection of best football betting markets, like the US bets. In other words, if you are looking for a sportsbook to start making wagers – BetFair is your chance as it offers next perks:

  • Football betting tips.
  • Fair welcome offers for a bet.
  • Live betting.
  • Nice native app with fast registration.
  • Huge amounts of betting options, like college football, super bowl, TV, Esports, politics and Award Shows.
  • Security.
  • Usability.
  • User-friendly interface that you can quickly understand.
  • Fast and short registration process.
  • VIP program (a rarity amongst sports betting sites).
  • Great withdrawal options, including PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or regular Bank Transfer.
  • Opportunity to win real money.

5. Ladbrokes

This betting company has over 15 thousand employees and has been in business for the last 50 years. Want to bet? That’s a place to get started with over 750 thousand customers and a betting turnover of more than 200 million euro! This site has over 30 sports including football. It’s one of the sites with a history of people who could make real money on betting online and offline, like in the old days. That’s the main reason why you should give it a try when looking for the best football betting sites. Therefore, let’s take a look for the pros of this one of the best sites for online bets:

  • Extremely huge ranges of bets. In reality, it’s one of the best football betting sites that offer a quick rush from 50 up to 1,000 pounds.
  • This online sportsbook is fast, optimized and can run on most gadgets.
  • Ladbrokes offers a service of almost 2700 betting shops
  • The active base of clients consists of more than 750 thousand active users. They consistently bet their money on various sports events, including football.
  • It’s one of the oldest bookmakers in the world.
  • Fantastic cashout options with more than 18 currencies available to bet. Unfortunately, cryptocurrency is still unavailable for bets on this site.
  • No fees, charges or hidden costs on withdrawing.
  • Welcome offers. Frankly, not so great like on other websites, but, still, pretty decent. The welcome offer is £20 as a free sports bet.
  • Great sports promotions and other features to lure more visitors to this sports betting site.
  • VIP programs for Ladbrokes sportsbooks, casino, bingo, slots and scratch cards.
  • Exclusive pre-match offers that can quickly get you from 50 up to 1,000 pounds from a bet.

6. Coral

You may bet that amongst other companies of this list with established football betting sites, Coral is the oldest. The first notion about bets in Coral sportsbook club is dated back to 1926. Therefore, it’s almost 100 years since its creation. Coral even survived WWII. Since 2016, the company is a part of Ladbrokes. Nevertheless, the change of the owner didn’t change the spirit of the company. It has over 18 hundred stores in the UK alone. This sportsbook company still provides great options for players to bet on anything and everything, like college football, world cups and other football events. In any case, if you choose to bet online, Coral will be the right place and here are several reasons why:

  • It’s one of the football betting sites that offer no withdrawal or deposit fees. Moreover, it encourages you to wager more money to win more games. If you are a true football fan, you will like how this type of site services its customers.
  • It’s a football betting site and company that has been tested by the time more than others. It’s extremely difficult for a business to survive through history, but Coral managed to do it.
  • Nice welcome offers. It’s one of the sportsbooks online platforms that offer £20 for the first bet.
  • Live betting options for true lovers of gambling.
  • Simple and user-friendly registration process.
  • Security.
  • Sportsbooks promotions and bonuses.
  • VIP programs for valuable users who constantly take advantage of football matches.

7. 888Sport

888Sport is one of the best football betting sites presented in the world. It was founded in 1997 and it’s still regarded as one of the best platforms for bookmakers, players and gamblers. Moreover, 888Sport is approved by the UK Gambling Commission. 888Sport clearly stands over other betting sites. The first thing you will notice when you get into the website is its diversified portfolio. You can choose from a great number of countries. For instance, place your US bet with 888Sport. A lot of leagues from all around the world and all of them at your service! For true fans of football, there are hundreds of rewards, profit opportunities and chances to win. It does not matter where you live, you can always start making money with 888Sport. Here are the reasons why you should choose 888Sport betting lines:

  • Customer service support that is available 24/7.
  • Poker, Casino, Slots and Bingo platforms for true gamblers.
  • Live stream (unfortunately limited only to the horseriding).
  • Majestic cashout options and low minimum deposit.
  • Fast withdrawal processes.
  • Welcome offers. The first bonus might be up to £30.
  • Sports promotions. You can win £5 for 4/1 wager.
  • VIP loyalty program. A player can win up to £50 depending on the week or the previously placed bet.
  • Exclusive pre-match offers that stand over other sportsbooks.
  • Esports options that offer to place money on games, like Rainbow 6, Overwatch, League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO. Overall, it’s a nice way to have a rest between football matches.
  • Other specials. If you are a fan of various TV and Novelty belts, Politics or Oscars, then 888Sport can also offer some joy in placing money in these categories of betting sites.

Which is the best online betting site?

The guide that you will like to read!

Win at football betting!

Whether you want it or not. The right strategy in choosing online betting sites is everything if you want to make money. Of course, you can always enjoy various football betting sites, but you want to win, right? To be victorious in online gambling and make money on football, you will need to follow simple rules. This guide will give you simple steps on how to choose and what to choose the best from betting sites provided in the sea of the Internet.

Your best betting website guide!

  1. Decide what do you want from betting sites! In this case, you need to choose a football betting site. Hopefully, if you read our information about Top football betting sites mentioned above, you will find the right web platform for you. Nevertheless, you will need to choose the right option from a league. Betting sites may specialize in MLB, NHL, NBA, FIFA, UFC, NASCAR and others. Moreover, do not forget about the website downtime. Check betting sites during the so-called rush hours. Technical difficulties during these hours may kill your appetite towards making wagers. In addition, do not forget about the mobile version of football betting sites. In terms of betting, you should be always online. Who knows when the best bet will come to you? And what is the best way to be online? The correct answer is to carry a mobile phone
  2. License and Reputation. These two keywords are true not only for football betting sites but also for any betting platform even if it’s not connected with football at all! When you register on the platform you also confirm the rights reserved on this source of your future profit. In other words, treat it like a deal where provide your signature. Of course, you don’t want to have any shady deals with betting. In this case, you need to research how trustworthy the resource. The real mark of quality might be the approved documents from the institutions or other legal entities that can confirm that the betting website is trustworthy. One of the great examples of such institutions can be the UK Gambling Commission. As for the reputation, you may need to check some football websites, sportsbooks or other sources of information to check the reputation of the betting platform.
  3. Welcome bonus. If you are a new player in football betting, then checking a welcome bonus for various websites is a good way to understand how welcome the betting site is. By the way, the welcome bonuses are profitable. Just treat them like a present for the signing up the deal with the gambling platform. Therefore, always look through the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus. At the same time, look over other nice options that can be treated as bonuses, for instance, risk-free bets, cashbacks or promotions. Especially football promotions.
  4. Offered odds. It’s not the first thing to check when you are betting on football, but still, it’s worth checking. Do not forget that betting companies offer different odds on football games. The best odds depend on many factors that may be separate from one another. Treat it like a football game. You need to dig some information on players to know if a team has good chances to win. You can check official information on the betting site to know your odds. Remember, if you want to win, you will need to spend some time researching!
  5. Personal feelings. Sometimes the best way to choose your football betting website is to simply trust your guts. Of course, you will need to try different sites to understand which one you like the most. By the way, try to check the sites provided above. The above mentioned top 7 betting sites are the best not only in the UK but also in other countries as well. Do not forget that if your friend likes a certain betting website – it does not mean that you should like it also. Choose your favorite and stick to it. Otherwise, why should you choose only one? Try different websites and enjoy your game!


Let’s get all football getting information together!

This article provided you top 7 best football betting websites and a complete guide of how to choose a football betting platform especially for you. You might have your opinion about web platforms for betting. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned sites have millions of users who have been playing there for years. Let’s conclude of what we know about these sites to help you to choose better before you visit them:

  • Bet365. It’s one of the biggest betting web platforms in the world with more than 21 million users, which makes it the biggest in the EU.
  • Paddy Power. One of the best betting platforms in the UK with pretty decent bonuses and odds to win.
  • William Hill Sports. It’s a true guardian of betting traditions in the UK. It’s very conservative, but for some players, it’s the best way to enjoy gambling.
  • BetFair. From the name of this betting platform, you will understand its main feature – a lucrative bonus of £100 as free bets and that’s not all! Check the official page of BetFair to learn more!
  • Ladbrokes. It’s currently one of the biggest betting corporations in the UK with fantastic bonuses for newcomers.
  • Coral. It’s the oldest betting platform with a great history. Still, it’s also a very conservative place to bet.
  • 888Sport. This platform offers a great variety of gambling opportunities. You will always find where to place a bet here.


Just one more thing to add on betting

If you want to start making money through the betting, you might need to get started right now. There is no time to waste! Who knows? Maybe it’s your lucky day! Still, be patient in gambling and you will make loads of cash without any problem.

How football betting odds work?

The simplest option here is to bet on the match result, or on which team is going to win. This type of betting is also known as the money-line betting or 1-x-2 betting. There is an option that team A will win, team B will win or there will be a draw. Hence there are three options to pick from and you place your bet on one of the three.
Another option is the double chance betting, where you bet on the two possible outcomes out of the three. For example, on team A or team B winning or, either team winning or the game finishing in a draw. This way you can even out your odds. However, the odds presented here by the bookmaker are typically low due to a high chance of winning, and the bookmaker margin is high. Another betting option is called over/under 2.5 goals.
Here you bet on whether a given match will have more or fewer than 2.5 goals (2 or less, or 3 or more to win your bet). The odds here tend to be better than in the double chance betting. Another option is to bet on the correct score of the game. Here you need to bet on which score the game will finish with. Although it is difficult to predict, you get the highest odds here.

Is football betting worth it?

Football is the world’s most-played sports game and naturally many people are attracted to betting on it. It is always pleasurable to bet on your preferred team and see it win the game and then receive your winnings.
However, it can be extremely difficult in the long term to make money betting on football, due to the bookmaker’s margins and the difficulty of predicting the game outcome. You need to know football extremely well, the strategies and tactics of your team and of the opposing team should all be clear to you. Out of the approximately $1 trillion in global betting, 70% comes from betting on football. Wagering on football is growing globally, with the sport becoming more and more popular across the world.
Billions of dollars have been paid out in winnings over the past decades, and with the internet and satellite television having become widespread, the football betting market will only grow.
Online football betting has grown to amazingly high levels, as more and more fans want to bet on their preferred teams. Being the most common form of sports betting, it is worth it for the fans and specialists of the game.

How to bet on football legally?

To legally bet on football, you must first find out the laws of your respective country. Not all countries allow betting, with some allowing it online but not in person or the other way round.
In Great Britain, for example, sports betting is legal and regulated by the government. If you live in a jurisdiction that allows gambling on sport, do a good research of the website that you are planning to use. If the odds offered by an online bookmaker seem too good, it is likely that the bookmaker could be an illegal betting syndicate.
Make sure the website you use is not dodgy, check its reputation. Illegal betting on football could result in the matches being fixed, meaning that the outcome is known to a select few (hence making them millions of dollars). Certain countries, such as Canada, allow online betting if done through a third-party website not located on the Canadian soil. In countries where gambling is allowed, make sure to pay the gambling tax imposed by the country. Hence, do not hide the additional betting income you have made from the authorities. In the United States, sports betting is illegal aside from certain states which have allowed it.

How to calculate football bets?

First a disclaimer, that the key here is to achieve a stable long-term profit. You will always have losing streaks and do not be afraid of them. Now imagine two teams playing against each other, Manchester United and Chelsea. First look at the last 15 matches for each team. Manchester United’s last 15 home matches won 7, drawn 5 and lost 3. Chelsea’s last 15 away matches won 3, drawn 5 and lost 7. To calculate Manchester United’s home price, you need to take the team’s 7 wins and add them to Chelsea’s 7 losses, to get 14. To calculate the Draw price, you add Manchester United’s 5 draws and add them to Chelsea’s 5 draws, to get 10. To calculate Chelsea’s away price, you add Manchester United’s 3 losses and add them to Chelsea’s 3 wins, to get 6. Now, to obtain a percentage chance we divide each score by the 30 matches played. Manchester United’s 46.66%, Draw’s 33.33%, and Chelsea’s 20%. Now we divide the number 100 by the percentage figures to get the odds: Manchester United is at 2.14, Draw is at 3.03 and Chelsea is at 5.0. Say, a bookmaker quotes the following figures: Manchester United 2.2, Draw 3.3 and Chelsea 3.4. Therefore, it is logical to bet on Manchester United and on a Draw in the game (higher odds offered), but to avoid betting on Chelsea. In the first two cases the bookmaker offers better odds than we calculated, in the third worse odds.

How to bet on college football?

If you are young, from the United States, and are interested in betting on college football, then there are a few options available. The first is moneyline betting, where you pick a winner and place your money on it. It is also called a straight-up bet because you simply pick the team that you think is going to win. The American odds for the two teams, X and Y, can look like that: X -300, Y + 300.
Here the odds favor X, because of the minus sign. X will have the implied winning odds of 75% and you will win $33.33 with a $100 bet. On the other hand, Y will have implied winning odds of 25%, and you will win $300 with a $100 bet. However, the chances of Y winning the game are much lower than X winning the game. Another possibility is betting on the point spread, on how much a team will win or lose by. Here a losing team should not lose the game by more than a certain number of points or win it outright. Two college football teams can have the following point spread: X -40.5, Y +40.5.
Here team X is the preferred team, but they need to win by over 41 points for the bet to pay off. On the other hand, team Y needs not lose by more than 40 points or win the game for the bet to pay off.

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