Published on April 12, 2019
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Tennis is a popular sport played around the world. The game itself is one of the nicest to gamble on. People like to bet on tennis as the game provides both good statistics and a plethora of opportunities for good money wagering.

The sport is excellent and is played by many wealthy people around the world. Although sports betting itself is ripe with difficulties, tennis betting can be quite a lot easier than gambling on other sports. Many people understand that and prefer to bet on tennis than on other games. What is special about the sport is that it provides good and accurate statistics. This means that gamblers can both track the record of each individual athlete and place bets accordingly. Not all sports allow that. Betting on tennis requires certain knowledge of the game.

However, gamblers can win without having played it or without having had professional experience in the sport. There is a wide variety of gambles available on the sport that this article will look at. One of the strong sides of the game is the provision of extremely accurate statistics. This allows for a wide plethora of various bets to be placed by gamblers. Further, the sport is played all year round thus allowing people to place various wagers on it. It is not a summer sport and many tournaments are held indoors during the winter period. This makes it excellent for money bettors as they can always either look up the statistics for each match and gamble all year long.

tennis betting

Having sound statistics provided by the overseeing body of the sport is extremely important. This allows the bettor to analyze the performance of each athlete and decide whether they want to place a wager on it. Further, discrete game outcomes open the window for a wide variety of bets that can be placed. Tennis is an excellent sport for gambling and currently, there are a lot of online bookmakers that provide opportunities for placing wagers on the sport. But before a gambler decides to bet on tennis they should look at the various bets that can be placed. This article will discuss these opportunities later. The sport allows for different strategies to be employed for gambling. Sometimes bettors can combine these strategies to enhance their payouts. What is important to understand is that the sport is extremely discreet and provides excellent statistics. This makes it both ideal for gambling and extremely fun to watch and pay attention to. Each tournament that is held has a clear winner. If a bettor can predict the outcome of the match then they can win. Sometimes games can also end in a draw. A bet can be placed on this outcome that will pay if the players draw out. Being a popular sport many have had at least some experience playing the sport. There are plenty of betting markets available from a wide variety of online bookmakers catering to the tennis betting audience. Choosing the right bookmaker is important. The odds tend to be very competitive in the field as there is a wide demand for gambling on the sport.

Tennis provides some of the nicest opportunities for betting and the bookmakers understand that. Whereas previously it was hard to find a good bookmaker to make a bet, today it is extremely easy. There is a wide and growing online bookmaker market around the world that provides gamblers with many great opportunities to wager their money. Even if the bettor comes from the United States, there are still possibilities open to place wagers on the sport. There are good internet bookies that cater to the American market allowing gamblers to place bets on tennis. The provision of discreet statistics that can be both analyzed and compared allows bettors to formulate professional strategies on how to bet on the sport. Sometimes bettors can be confused as to what is happening in the game. Some sports are clouded and thus limit the number and type of wagers that can be placed. Tennis is anything but that. A wide variety of betting options are available for anyone who is interested in trying their luck. Having a good record of wins and losses for each athlete allows for good analysis to be performed. Gamblers that are fond of sports can spend their weekend looking at the different statistics for each player before deciding who to bet on in the coming match. Not all sports offer this opportunity to the betting community. Because of the game’s popularity across the world and the prestige that it has tennis can offer excellent odds to the bettors. Many people think that gambling on this game is both fun, enjoyable and profitable. This article will discuss the various ways that bets can be placed on tennis and how to profit from them. Gamblers can enjoy the all-year round matches held across the world that they can wager their money on. Betting on each match or waiting until a great tournament with great athletes. Sports bettors can have an excellent time and find great opportunities performing tennis betting. Most sportsbooks available on the web will offer gambling opportunities on the sport to the online betting community. Knowing how to use these opportunities and how to make the most money possible is what separates winners from losers.

How do you bet on tennis?

Moneyline bets

There is a variety of bets that can be placed on tennis. The first time of betting on tennis is moneyline betting. Here the gambler is placing a wager on which player will win the game. If there are to athletes competing in a tournament, athlete A and athlete B, a moneyline bet on sportsman A will pay off if they win the match. On the contrary, a moneyline wager on sportsman B will pay off should this player win the game. This is the easiest type of gamble that can be placed on tennis. Just like in other sports, such as hockey and baseball, a moneyline bet is the first type of gamble that a bettor can place. Here basic research must be conducted before placing the wager. The two sportsmen must be compared and a decision regarding which one is the best made. Should the two players be of equal performance, a gambler can either use luck, their personal tastes and preferences, or sound analysis. Often there are favorites and underdogs in the game. A moneyline gamble will pay a bigger amount if placed on the underdog. This is because there is a small chance of this athlete winning the match. The one thing that must be taken into account are the odds that are offered by the bookmaker. Should player A offer a -120 moneyline against player B, it means that they are the favorite in the game. Hence the bookie and the gambling community will think that athlete A will win the game. A bettor needs to place a $120 wager on sportsman A to win $100. This means that the bet is below even and the bookie thinks that the athlete A will in. On the other hand, player B can have a +110 moneyline bet against player A. Here it is clear that athlete B is the underdog and the bookmaker together with the gambling community thinks that athlete B will lose the match. Wagering $100 on player B will return $110 should they win the game. Here the bet is above even and the bettor will get more money from their gamble than they have initially wagered. This moneyline bet will pay off a bigger amount but with a lower probability of success. Another aspect to note about moneyline bets is that the bettor can place a wager on only one of the sets in the tournament. That means that the wager will pay off if the gambler has correctly predicted the outcome of one of the sets. The thing here is to bet strategically on the sets being played out.

Wagering on the spread

Sometimes the tennis betting odds can be too large and spread betting is used to level out the playing field. If a bettors feels that the moneyline odds are stacked against them, they can use spread betting to get nicer betting odds from the tennis bets. In this type of gambling a bet is wagered on the spread between two athletes in the tournament. In each of the sets played out a certain player will win or lose. Betting on the spread instead of the match winners can help a gambler make a profit if they have correctly predicted the spread in the tennis match. For example a tennis match is held between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. As the tennis betting odds can be extremely high in this tournament, a bookmaker will offer a spread bet of -4.5 on the tournament. In this match Nadal is chosen as a favorite and Roger Federer as the underdog. There are three sets in this sports tournament and Nadal has to defeat Roger Federer in 5 games or more held in the tournament. The betting odds in this gamble are better than with a moneyline tennis bet. Here Nadal needs to win at least 5 games for the spread bet to pay off. Should Nadal win by 4 games or less, the spread bet on the athlete will be considered a loss. At the same time, if a bettor has placed a gamble on Roger Federer, the underdog in the current match, the player losing by 4 games or less will lead to the gamble being considered a win. Here the odds offered for Roger Federer will be +4.5.

With these odds the underdog athlete needs to lose in the tennis tournaments held by 4 games or less for the gamble to pay off. Online sportsbooks will display the odds for the match on the website provided. As the matches are being held across the three sets of the tournament, the bet will pay off if Nadal wins by 5 games or more. Here the -4.5 bet means that the athlete has to win at least 5 games for the gamble to return a profit. This bet will be placed on the favorite and the spread must exceed 5. At the same time a bet placed on the underdog will have a +4.5 betting odds displayed on the website. The player needs to lose by 4 games or less for the bet to return a profit. Across the three sets held in the match, the aggregate game totals need to be considered. The betting markets can offer superior odds when betting on the spread than with a moneyline bet. Sportsbooks can allow gamblers to make a profit if they can correctly anticipate the spread between the two players. What is important here are both the improved odds and the understanding by tennis fans of how well each athlete will perform. There is special software that allows for the analysis for each player’s characteristics. However this should only be used by professional bettors that understand the game extremely well. Overall a basic knowledge of sports and some decent analysis can allow a gambler to make a good spread bet on tennis.

Set’s wagers

Another option for making a bet on tennis is the straight sets gambles. Once the tennis matches are held a bettor can make a prediction on how many sets it will take to complete the math. This is just the same as wagering money on how many games it will take to complete. Here each player will be challenging each other in either two sets or more. Should the match only take two sets a straight sets gamble will pay off. Some tennis matches take two sets to complete and the gamble placed on this outcome can offer both good odds and a hefty payout. Take a tennis match between Serena Williams and Simona Halep. In this tournament there will be three matches that will be held. Here it is not important to predict the outcome of the championship correctly. What is important is to predict the number of sets that will take place in the match.

For example, should there be three matches held in total a gambling opportunity of 2.5 sets will be presented. That is the tournament can end in under 2.5 sets, meaning the result will be straight sets. Or the championship will be end in over 2.5 sets, hence in 3 or more sets. Here either player can win but the under bet will pay off if there will a straight sets outcome. On the contrary, an over bet will pay off if there will be a non-straight sets outcome. Just like in spread betting, predicting the outcome of the match is not important. What matters is how the whole championship will be held and the number of sets it will require to complete. The odds offered here will usually be better. However the odds on the match may not be completely even when making an over/under set gamble. When a punter makes a bet on tennis, the tennis odds can be quite good in set betting. This is another opportunity that punters can use to make money from tennis betting. Overall it is important to see how many Grand Slam tournaments each player has won and generally analyze their statistics. If two Grand Slam winners are playing against each other than perhaps a straight set gamble will be a good way to win.

Other gambles

Another way that a punter can make a tennis gamble is wagering money on the score that the series of matches will give in the end. Here score bets are made on one of the sportsbooks. If the scores are correct then the gamble will pay off. In the opposite case, the punter will lose their bets. For example the precise score gamble will say that in a match between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray Novak will defeat Andy with a score 3-2. Here a gambler can make a bet that the outcome of the championship will be a Novak victory with this score. If the match ends in the predicted fashion than the gamble will pay off. Else it will be considered a loss. In order to predict the outcome of the sports match correctly good knowledge of both players is required as well as understanding of game statistics and tennis odds. Sometimes it is not too difficult as there is a great player competing against somebody who is weak. Often, however, predicting the precise outcome of the match can be extremely challenging. Further, the prediction must be precise and the outcome must be exact. if Novak achieves a score of 3-1 against Andy then it will be considered a loss as the bet did not predict the outcome of the game correctly. This type of gambling can be very hard and novice bettors can find it very challenging. Not everybody can make an accurate prediction about how the match will end. In the world of sports betting punters need to gain experience and do their research correctly to place good wagers.

In addition, in tennis betting punters can also employ the strategy of handicap betting. This strategy allows to make a profit gambling without being dependent on the outcome of the match. Handicap betting is an excellent strategy as the money is wagered not on whether the athlete will lose or win, but by how much the given sportsman will lose or win. For example, if there are two tennis players competing against each other in a major tournament, such as the US open, a gambling choice can be given. Player A will have the odds of -3.5 while player B will have the odds of +3.5. This set up means that player A is the favorite and player B is the underdog. In order for the gamble to pay off on player A, they must win the match by more than 4 games. On the other hand, for the bet on player B to give a return, they must lose the match by less than 3 games. A gamble placed on player B in handicap betting pays off if the athlete loses by less than predicted. Thus they outperform their prediction.

On the other hand, a gamble on the favorite, player B, pays off if they outperform their prediction. That means the sportsman wins by more than 4 games and thus does better than expected. Here the score of the total games played out is calculated. For example, player A has won 12 games and player B has won 10. In this case player A has outperformed player B by only 2 games. A handicap bet on player B will pay off as the athlete has done better than was predicted. Here they were expected to lose by 4 games or more. But the sportsman has only lost by 2 games. This way of gambling allows to make a wager on the underdog and still make a return. For example, if the punter really likes the underdog sportsman and wants to place a wager on them. In this case should the sportsman outperform their prediction the bets will all pay off. Handicap gambling is important in tennis betting and can greatly improve the gaming experience. The total games are added and the result is calculated. If the underdog does better than expected and the favorite worse, the underdog handicap bet will win. Tennis bets placed using this strategy can give both good odds and solid opportunities to win the gamble.

Prop bets are another option that major sportsbooks will provide their clients. Here money is wagered on a particular event happening in the game. Prop bets are usually only made available in large tournaments, such as the French open or Australian open. This type of sports betting can be excellent for fans of the game. When making prop bets, money can be wagered on a particular set score in the tournament. Or whether or not the match will end up in a tie. Gambles can be placed on the first set outcome. These type of tennis bets are an excellent way of playing for any enthusiasts of the sport that think they can make good predictions about the game. When a major championship is unfolding, such as the Australian open, professional gamblers can think that they can make good predictions about how the game will unfold. People that are knowledgeable about tennis can make accurate predictions about the outcome of the championship. Bets can be placed on how many games will be held in a given match. Or when a particular athlete will leave the championship. There is a wide variety of options that can be presented for major championships, such as the French open. These selections can offer a plethora of gambling options to a tennis enthusiast and allow them to place some great wagers on the game. Overall tennis bets placed as prop bets can be both fun, interesting and give a nice return to the bettor.

How do you always win in tennis betting?

It can be extremely challenging to always achieve a return from tennis betting. Tennis is a widely played and very competitive game. When gambling money on tennis a punter can always expect to receive at least a few losses from their gambles. This is the nature of gambling in general. Punters need to remember that in the world of betting bookmakers always make a profit. Thus they take a small cut of the gambles for themselves or give slightly worse odds to their customers. Each member of the bookmaking community understands that making a profit is essential and thus often gives below even odds to their customers. However formulating a strategy can help make money betting on tennis. For example knowing the tennis calendar can be very important. Understanding when and how the games are held. Just like other sports, understanding the activity can be a great course towards success. Knowing how to use portals such as Betfair can be important. A strategy can be devised to use matched betting to make a profit.

Matched betting requires the placement of two opposite wagers on a tennis match. For example, a wager on sportsman A winning can be placed with a sportsbook using the free tennis bets that are credited when opening up an account with the bookmaker. An opposite wager on player A losing can be placed with a betting exchange, such as Betfair. When performing sports betting strategies such as matched betting can be employed to make a risk free profit. Although not always possible or available, they are often error prone when done correctly. By becoming a member of Betfair, a customer can take advantage of their betting exchange. This can allow placing opposing wagers to match the bet placed with a bookmaker. Having two opposite bets placed, with one of them using the free bet provided by the bookmaker, can result in risk-free profit from gambling. If this appears to be too hard, a punter may ask for assistance from the gaming community. Not every country allows online sports gambling and thus it is important to check before placing each bet online. If a punter has a gambling problem that may prevent them from turning a profit in tennis betting.

Gambling problem detection can be important and understanding that a gamer has issues betting can prevent them from losing a lot of funds. Should a punter have issues with their gambling they might need to seek assistance to solve them. This can be a huge step forward towards preventing major losses from betting on tennis. Another way to help with sports betting is understanding the rules that ATP and WTA have. These two governing bodies oversee the male and female tennis championships that are held around the world. The ATP and WTA make sure that there are no rules being broken in the matches. ATP is the main organization as it oversees the bigger market of male tennis professionals. This page gave a brief description of their features and what they have been performing. When placing a bet a gambler should make sure that the address of their jurisdiction allows for online gambling or using portals such as Betfair. The location can be very important as not all legal jurisdictions allow gambling on sporting events. A location such as New Jersey, United States can have different regulatory oversight of online gambling than a location such as Paris, France. New Jersey can have far hasher laws regarding gaming than Paris. Thus selecting a right location to make bets from can be very important for successful gambling. Knowing the dynamics and mechanics behind WTA tours can help gamblers make a profit from tennis matches. Sometimes these are held in doubles and sometimes in singles. Doubles matches require different strategies to be employed.

What does 21.5 mean in tennis?

This is the aggregate score that has been achieved in a tennis championship. Should a user login to their sportsbook webpage and see that bets are offered -21.5, this means that the gambling community thinks that the match will include 22 games or more. This means that it will take sometime for the championship to reach a conclusion and will have to include more than 22 games in total. Should an over bet be placed on this match, the gamble will pay off if there are more than 22 games held in the championship. An under bet will pay off if there are less than 21 games that are held in the championship. Overall in tennis an over or under bet of 21.5 provides a window of opportunity to place a cash wager on how many games will be held. For example if there are two players competing against each other in a championship and the final score is (10-3) and (7-4) it means that a total of 24 games have been held. This means that an over bet will win and an under bet will lose. On the other hand if the final score is (5-2) and (3-2), it means that a total of 12 games have been held and the under bet will win. What is important is the total number of games that have been held. If the number is above 22, this means that the over bet wins and the gambler can pocket their profit. However if the total number of games is below and including 21, it means that the under bet wins. In this case the aggregate number of games is below the threshold. This is one of the ways that gamblers can make a profit from betting on tennis. Over and under betting is extremely popular as it allows to have winnings without placing a bet on a particular athlete. Thus either sportsman can win the match and the over bet will pay should the total number of games exceed a particular threshold. This provides a great opportunity for wagering cash and can both improve gambling experience and make watching the game more exciting.

What does 22.5 mean in tennis?

Here it is just like described in the above part of the article. Instead of setting the threshold at 21.5, it has been set at 22.5. This means that an over bet will win if the total game number has exceeded 23. At the same time an under bet will pay of if the total gaming number is below and including 22. This is simply another way to make a profit from betting on tennis. Upon making a login into the gambling account a bettor is provided with a host of various gambling options. Picking the over / under option allows to bet on this gaming number. If the gaming number is below or above a given threshold. It does not matter which athlete has won the championship. What matters is the aggregate gaming number over the course of the sporting event. Overall it provides a nice opportunity to place wagers and make a profit.

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