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Are They Serious?! Outraged Fans Ban the NBL New Team over a Ridiculous Name

The NBL enthusiasts split into two confronting camps over a new team’s name. The Tasmanian team stepped on the NBL arena under the name Jack Jumpers that generated intense debates between fans and athletes. Outraged social media followers were not shy in their comments about the new ‘ridiculous’ naming.

NBL fans speak against Jack Jumpers

The NBL newborn, the Tasmanian basketball squad, caused multiple controversies on social media, though it didn’t even play a single game. The matter is that fans banned the newborn over its unusual naming – Jack Jumpers.
Fans expressed their outrage about the team’s name, claiming that Tasmania is worth much better than being compared to an ugly bug. Here are just some of the harsh comments that flood social media after the new naming was revealed:

@Andrew Bogut:
“Joking, yeah?”

@ Mike Teakle:
“It is a horrible decision!”

@ Razaar720:
“Are these people serious?!”

@ Adam Thompson:
“Who came up with the thought to title a team after a bug?”

@ Steve Lean:
“Couldn’t they choose something better?”

Fans were not the only ones who spoke against Jack Jumpers; some of the NBL stars also joined this ‘movement’ and expressed their opinions about the newcomer’s name. Chris Anstey was among the first NBL players who confessed he didn’t like the Tasmanians’ new naming. The star tweeted that, in his opinion, it was weird to bring the team to the NBL under such a bizarre renown.

Jackjumpers and confused NLB fans


The famous basketball expert and sports writer Titus O’Reily joked on this matter, tweeting that all good names must be taken if they crowned the team this way. Still, some liked the Tasmanians’ naming, calling it fun and amusing.
In their defense, the NBL reps explained that they had several variants for a choice, including Tridents and Mountaineers, but the majority voted for Jack Jumpers. Moreover, the team’s executives stressed that they like unusual naming because it perfectly reflects the Tasmanians’ strengths, i.e., speed and agility.
“We assure you that Jack Jumpers will surprise all NBL fans in the upcoming season. The Tasmanians are fearless when they step on the field. Prepare to welcome the game changers…”
So, what is a jack jumper? It’s time to know more about this little bug that gave its name to the NBL squad. The jack jumper is an ant that lives in Australia’s south; you can mostly meet the ant in the Tasmanian island state. The species is known for its ability to jump on impressive distances despite its small size. In fact, the ant got its name due to the striking jumps.

For the record, Jack Jumpers is not a solo basketball team notable for its unusual naming. Among other holders of funny team, names are Jailblazers, Alley-Oops, Geeks and Sneaks, etc. What may sound ridiculous for one seems creative and unique for another. So, let’s not judge Jack Jumpers too harshly!
We can’t forecast how Jack Jumpers will show themselves during the season, but undoubtedly, the NBL newbies have already gained popularity among fans due to their unusual naming. By the way, how do you like the NBL team’s name? Please, share your thoughts in the comments.

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