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Fans in Delight: MLB Confirmed the Mets’ Return This Week as None of the Players Had COVID Positives

Fans already prepared to say ‘Adieu’ to the NY Mets this baseball season after the team’s reps announced the recent COVID outbreak amid players. Fortunately, the MLB executives could take the situation under control and prevent the virus spread within the team. This week, the Mets return to the field to confront the Marlins and Yankees in three scheduled games.

The NY Mets are back to the game

The one fundamental lesson we all learned in 2020 is that anything could happen, and humanity should be prepared for this. The COVID spread turned human lives upside down, and the global economy will take a while to get off the ground after the pandemic. All global sports have also been affected by the virus.

MLB had to cancel or postpone all major baseball events scheduled for 2020. Only in summer, some of the events managed to happen, though under the stringent restrictions for both fans and teams. Thus, now all players have to take COVID tests ahead of the games.

Last week, the iconic NY Mets experienced all the bitterness of the new regulations firsthand when two of their players were tested positive. MLB had to postpone several games in the team’s timetable after the COVID positives were confirmed last Thursday.

MLB didn’t reveal the names of the infected Mets players. The reps only stated that all necessary precaution measures not to let the virus spread were taken in time. The infected players were isolated from the rest of the team, and they are currently on observation. Their condition is reported as stable.

On Sunday, the rest of the Mets teammates took additional tests, and all of them appeared negative. Under such conditions, MLB allowed the Mets to participate in the scheduled games. This week, the New Yorkers will play vs. Marlins on Tuesday and Yankees on Friday and Sunday.

NY Mets stadium and player

The Mets’ manager Brodie Van Wagenen commented on the players’ spirit ahead of the upcoming games. He said:

“We thank God that the virus didn’t pass to other players. Persons who tested positive feel better now, and we are sure about their safety… It was all very unexpected for us, but this year it’s a kinda normal thing.”

By the way, the Mets were not the single ones who tested positive on COVID. From the season start, 21 cases were confirmed for the Marlins, 12 cases for the Cardinals, and one case for the Reds. The only ones who managed to stay afloat of this mass infecting were Yankees (no cases confirmed by now).

Still, it is a tough time for all teams as nobody can forecast what will happen next, and whether the games will take place as planned. Considering Thursday’s game, the Mets will be the home team to play against the Marlins at Citi Field.

With the game just on the corner, fans hope that no other unexpected twists will happen, and both teams will enter the field in high spirits.  Meanwhile, they send their best wishes of the speedy to the Mets players.

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