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Sports Illustrated Looking for a Betting Partner: Who Could it Be?

The ABG company that owns the popular American sports magazine Sports Illustrated is looking for a betting partner to team with the media outlet. According to reports, ABG hopes to find a partner by the end of the year. Who could join forces with the leading sports magazine?

Looking for a betting partner

It seems like pretty soon all leading sportsbooks will line up to team with one of the most recognized sports magazines – Sports Illustrated. Recently, the company ABG that owns the popular magazine announced that they are looking for a betting partner. ABG’s bosses plan to team the media outlet with a sports betting provider.

According to the New York Post, ABG plans to sign a partnership deal by the end of 2020. The names of the possible partners are kept secret. If you wonder about the benefits of such cooperation for bookmakers, the answer is simple: advertising. No need to say that cooperation with such an outstanding media outlet will give excellent opportunities for betting operators to adjust their marketing strategy and to boost their popularity in the media sector.

reliable betting partner

Advertising on pages of such an iconic magazine as Sports Illustrated will be a great breakthrough both for new and pioneer bookmakers. However, experts doubt that ABG will choose an unknown betting provider to collaborate with the outlet. It seems like soon gamblers will start to bet on the name of the lucky winner. Betting experts suggest that such well-known operators as William Hill, Paddy Power, and Bet365 could be on the list of the potential candidates.

No doubt, ABG has strict requirements for the bookies that could become potential partners for Sports Illustrated. The primary condition will obviously be a license that proves the bookie’s legitimacy and trustworthiness. Another thing that ABG’s bosses will look for is the operator’s good reputation on the market. It is hard to imagine that the company will bond the iconic sports magazine with a non-reputable sportsbook. Finally, the next thing that matters in the betting partner’s choice is its popularity among casual punters. Sports Illustrated will unlikely team up with a betting provider that has a very poor loyal audience.

By the way, ABG is not the only brand management company that decided to expand its presence in the betting sector. At the beginning of 2020, CBS Sports announced its cooperation with a leading sports betting operator William Hill.  The US media company and the UK-based bookmaker signed a multi-year deal, details of which are kept secret. The only thing that was revealed to the public is that, according to the agreement, William Hill becomes an official betting operator on all platforms of CBS Sports.

Joining forces with betting operators seems to become a brand new trend among the media companies. It is easy to understand as both parties can receive great benefits from such collaboration. Meanwhile, the gambling world has nothing else left but to wait when ABG will reveal the name of Sports Illustrated’s new betting partner. And who will you bet on?

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