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Bet365 Accumulators are famous for their accass, each and every weekend, all around the world, football and soccer fans will place their accumulator bets with But it’s not just football. You can place bets on many different sports, which means even more fun.

The bet365 accumulator is a good way of betting as it gives you a chance to win more money, every time you play on the bookie. In this quick guide, I will tell you exactly how to place an accumulator bet with

Bet365 Accumulators - how to place

First steps before choosing bet365 accumulator

Before you can get started you need to make sure you have the following things in place

  • The account on the bookie, log in to the home page
  • Enough funds in your account to actually play a sportsbook

Pick your sport

Once you have logged in to your account you need to pick your sport, for this example, we will use Football (soccer).

On the home page either click A-Z to bring up the sports menu or simply select Soccer, we can now select our games.

You will see a list of options to click from

  • Saturday’s matches – All matches taking place on that Saturday
  • UK list – All matches taking place in the UK
  • UEFA competitions – All UEFA matches which are taking place
  • Italy – All matches which are taking place in Italy

Pick whichever ones you want.

bet365 acca – 1 x 2

The next screen will give you a list of all the matches available. Next to the match, it will also say 1, x or the number 2.

This simply means what outcome you are betting on:

  • 1 means you’re betting on the home team.
  • X means you’re betting on a draw.
  • 2 means you’re betting on the away team.

Go down the list and make the selections you want, either choosing the home team, away team or the draw.  Every time you select your match and the outcome it will be added to your bet slip, ready for your bet365 acca.

If you’re on your mobile the ‘bet slip’ will appear at the bottom of the screen, if you’re on a desktop or laptop, the bet slip will appear on the right of the screen.  Make as many selections as you like.

bet 365 bonus on tennis

example of bet365 acca on Tennis

Add or remove to the bet slip

You can add more matches by following the steps above. To remove from your slip, on a mobile, you will need to go back to the main list and DESELECT the match you picked.

On a desktop or laptop, you will be able to simply press the (x) next to the selection.

Accumulator bet 365 – Bet Slip

Once you have your selections, click on the bet slip. This will now give you the options for placing your bet.  Please pay special attention to the number of matches you have selected:

  • If you have made 5 selections then the option you will need will be called a ‘5 folds’.
  • If you make 6 selections it will be called a ‘6 folds’. And so on.

Pick the correct one for the number of selections you made.

This secures your bet365 acca and the bet is ready to go.


Your accumulator bet365 works by combining all of your selections into one big bet.  You will need all of your bets to be correct for you to win.

There are other options, should you want them, included in the multiples section.  This allows you to lower your odds. For example, if you make 6 selections but select a 4 folds bet, instead of a 6 folds, you only actually need 4 of your selections to win, for you to win money. However, this will also dramatically reduce your odds and lower your potential winnings.

Place bet

Once you have made your selections and picked the correct folds you can place at the bookie.  You do this by selecting the amount you wish to bet and pressing the ‘place’ button at the bottom of the bet slip.  As you do this, a betting receipt will be produced, telling you what you have selected, how much you staked, and what the odds and potential winnings are.

Additional info

You can view your running bets at any time by clicking the tab on the right-hand side next to ‘Bet Slip’.  If your bet has already ended (been settled) then click the ‘History’ tab, this will take you to the settled bets section where you can see the outcome. From here you can sit back and relax and wait for the results from your bet365 accumulator to come in.

Good luck

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