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Tampa Bay Versus Giants: The Cost of The Overconfidence

The narrow escape of the Tampa Bay on Monday Night Football: the game was won but the opponent was definitely underrated

There was no doubt The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were going to perform brilliantly and show the infallible win over their weaker rival on Monday Night Football. The final result was still predictable and brought the Buccaneers to the second position in the league; for the Giants, this was the obvious failure with the last notch in the NFC statistics table.

The Giants seem to become a failure because of their contract with the quarterback Daniel Jones, signed last year. This deal was considered a big expectation for the Giants, as per reports, but he almost never lived up to the ardent expectations of Joe Judge, the Giants coach. Their current statistics is evident enough to forecast that the possibility of considering another quarterback signing up is rather high unless Daniel Jones defends his competence and manages to act without making multiple mistakes and wrong decisions throughout the game.

His statistics records show that he is not capable of passing touchdowns accurately and throwing the ball precisely; as per the record, his number of interceptions is bigger than the touchdowns passing. At the moment, the Giants do not seem to possess a decent alternative and the team will deal with Jones’ errors and failures till the end of the season. The quarterback himself admits that his performance has been far from brilliant lately; the question is his chances to gain progress in the nearest time and switch his image from one of the ever fallible players.

Tampa Bay’s performance against the Giants is referred to as “shaky” by Twitter users and media. Brady, the star of the Buccaneers, was expected to beat the opponents at great ease; however, the great role was played by the coach of the Giants, who was more than familiar with all tactics and techniques of Brady to get the team prepared to defend as hard as possible. The previous wins over Brady that are kept in the records of the Giants’ overall performance in the league allowed them to struggle harder than it was expected so it was just a narrow escape for Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this time.

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