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Seahawks Day: 5-0, For The First Time In 45 Years

This season’s games all pointed to the Seahawks victory. The team began the season with a good performance, doing well against the Vikings.

Seattle team previously had great players that performed exceptionally well in various tournaments. Although in this game, with the weather being rainy and half of the Seahawks defense players absent, the match was slow to unfold. For the first half of the game, the team didn’t do so well. Though in the space of a few minutes, the Seahawks scored several goals against the Vikings. Stellar performance from the Seattle team’s players, such as Freddie Swain, DK Metcalf, and others, propelled the team from a 13 – 0 deficit to a 21 – 13 lead. As the match continued, the Seahawks offense began playing in full sway. Athletes such as Tyler Lockett, David Moore, and Michael Dickson played exceptionally well in this game against the Vikings. Although Michael was an underrated player in the match, the athlete took his turn to beat the Vikings. The game score then progressed to 26 – 21, with the Vikings taking revenge. As the championship went on, it became tight, with the Minnesota team doing everything to stem off defeat. As a drizzle came down from the skies, the contest was as close as ever. Though, finally, the Seahawks have managed to achieve a very improbable victory. It was Seattle’s fifth win of the season.

The game was very strange and bizarre for Russel Wilson, a Seahawk player. Although the athlete showed an outstanding performance, Russel was also slow or hesitant at times. The Minnesota team was willing to drop several players into coverage, as the club waited for Wilson to check down. Although Wilson did not perform spectacularly in this match, his overall performance over the season was stellar. The game was won, despite Russel’s relatively poor performance. DK Metcalf also did great in the season, catching some 80 passes. Chris Carson did great in the match, running like a tiger and catching 6 of 7 targets. However, the defense was under heavy pressure during the championship and weaker than in previous matches. The defense showed high incompetence for 59 minutes of the game, making up for it by five glorious seconds of stopping the attackers. Also, the Seattle team won the match without converting a single third down. The Seahawks committed just three penalties in the tournament, with Dickson shining like a bright star. Overall, Seattle won 5 – 0, for the first time in 45 years.

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