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NBA Latest News: LA Lakers Got Triumphal Victory over Portland on Kobe Bryant Memory Day

The LA Lakers showed awesome play last night when they beat Portland’s Trail Blazers 135:115 amid a standing ovation of the audience. This game was rather meaningful for the Lakers, as they dedicated their victory to their late friend, the NBA champ Kobe Bryant.

Lakers’ triumph dedicated to Kobe Bryant

Things got tense last night during the NBA play-off, when the LA Lakers confronted Blazers in the iconic match. The Lakers showed impressive play and won the game 135:115 with LeBron James scoring 30 points. As for Portland’s team, it was definitely not their best day. The Blazers’ star Damian Lillard got a knee injury and had to quit the game after earning only 11 points.

Spectators were mesmerized by the Lakers’ mind-blowing performance at the play-off and admitted that they have never seen NBA pros play as emotionally as they did last night.  But there was a special reason for this.

The Lakers held the game on the deceased Kobe Bryant’s memory day and dedicated their triumph to the late NBA star. Kobe died in January 2020 after his plane got in a horrible crash with eight other people on board, including Kobe’s teen daughter Gigi.

The Lakers opened yesterday’s game with a tribute to their passed-away teammate. Bryant was a five-time NBA champ and a multiple owner of the MVP title. The deceased champ was also commemorated at the Super Bowl. Kobe is remembered by his beloved wife, Vanessa, and their three kids.

As one of Bryant’s closest pals, LeBron James paid a touching tribute to the late champ by sharing a throwback video of his previous BDay celebration. The video features the moment of the Lakers’ teammates singing ‘Happy birthday’ to Kobe. James captioned the post: “Miss you, my big brother! Legend forever!”

LeBron James not only showed great results in the latest play-off against Portland, but he is also on the edge of grasping a new noble title. James has all chances to become a top-tier scorer in the history of the NBA by ‘beating’ the legendary Michael Jordan.

Jordan retired from the NBA when he was 40, with 5,987 points in total throughout his successful career. James is only 35 now, meaning that he can beat Jordan’s record if he continues to score at least 26 points per game. Experts claim that these numbers are rather doable for LeBron, as the NBA star is in perfect shape, and the latest game against the Blazers proved it.

If the LA Lakers keep showing the same fantastic play as they did last night, they have pretty good chances to win the play-off series. Their moment of triumph will make the NBA chronicle as one of the most emotional games – the Lakers dedicate their victory to their late teammate.  Fans will remember this game for long.

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