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Los Angeles Chargers lost Tyrod Taylor: a doctor punctured his lung accidentally

It seems Tyrod Taylor has been going through severe times lately: his health has been dramatically damaged since the NFL Championship just started. In the opening match of the season, when Los Angeles Chargers were competing against Cincinnati Bengals, Tyrod Taylor, the ex-Super Bowl champion and the quarterback for Chargers, got two fractured ribs.
Such traumas are not considered as the hard ones and are usually healed by themselves; however, Taylor was unlucky enough to skip the MRT procedure and was struck by a sudden pain right on the eve of the game against the Kansas-City Chiefs. According to the witnesses, his teammates, he was moaning from pain and was in the urgent need to help.

His condition probably affected the Chargers’ doctor in a negative way and he failed to make the painkiller injection correctly; instead, he had a lung puncture which led to impairment of respiratory function. Tyrod was urgently hospitalized and now Justin Hurbert, the new player, will have to show his skills and prove his creditworthiness to Chargers in the upcoming match.
At the moment, the investigation is being carried out. However, according to the doctor and Taylor’s agent, this medical issue will not cause a major trouble with his further ability to play and he is going to recover very soon. Taylor claimed he was neither offended nor disappointed by the incident and was planning to get back to the team as soon as possible.

The most unpleasant thing about the incident is that it is not the only player of the NFL who is having the risk of spoiling his career. Two more black players are ejected due to health issues, including Covid-19 infection positive test; such a situation results in the contradictory thoughts and messages from avid football enthusiasts. The beginning of the Championship showed that there was a good tendency towards the black players as there were 70 percent of black NFL representatives; currently their number seems to become significantly less which is regarded unfair. The statistics says, the white players are not ejected for health reasons as often as the black ones so the NFL’s public image may go under a threat.

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