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Lomachenko: A Great Ukranian Boxer

Lomachenko was born just 29 months earlier and is now a contender for the top position. The boxer will have an interesting progression, at 135 and towards 140 pounds. At these numbers, Vasyl’s competitors, such as Haney, Davis, Taylor, and others, will challenge the athlete. Although it will be hard for the fighters to contend against Lomachenko. Canelo is a more rugged athlete and Vasyl is more artistic, but both of them can fight in a plethora of styles. Though the Mexican athlete on many occasions has contended for Fighter of the Year, the Ukrainian boxer is said to have an extremely bright and aspiring future.

Note that most of today’s top stars have been interviewed and plenty of covert information obtained to form this opinion. It is a sure fact that Vasyl is a great sportsman. The boxer fought for just under 36 minutes against Vasyl’s reputed contestant, Teofimo Lopez. Even though the latter athlete is world-class, Teofimo was squarely beaten by Lomachenko. Vasyl knows how to control the fight really well, with characteristics such as geography, tempo, and tenor being under the boxer’s command. Lopez can be felt sorry for, as the contestant is completely helpless against Vasyl. Teofimo got completely destroyed in the fight, for 10 rounds straight. The boxer had a swollen eye and a red face from Vasyl’s punches, with the trainer stopping Lopez from losing his consciousness. Lomachenko, on the other hand, can perform even better, with even the sky not being the boxer’s limit.

In just 15 professional fights, Vasyl has managed to ascend to top-tier status in the 126 -135-pound category. Also, the boxer is now listed as second in the Ring’s magazine top list. Even though Canelo Alvarez ranks first on the list, Lomachenko seems like a better sportsman. Indeed Canelo had 53 victories, 36 knock-outs, and two draws in 56 fights, but the sportsman is slowly losing his grip. The athlete achieved a very difficult victory, had three disputed decisions in the last five fights, and did not take part in a joke fight against Rocky Fielding. And has now reached very high levels of competition. The athlete’s dominance is not so great anymore.

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