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Football fans are indignant: the expanded 16-team playoff is possible in 2020 because of Covid-19

If the NFl has to make changes in the schedules due to the COVID-19 pandemic, then half of the teams will meet in the postfinal of the league.

The novel coronavirus infection did not significantly affect the NFL’s schedules. Until today, there has not been a game cancelled or delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic; however, the regulating committee of the NFL is currently involved in the long-term planning in regards of possible changes in the upcoming schedules of matches. The preliminary project of the post-coronavirus management measures includes the solution of the sixteen-team playoff organization (eight teams in each conference) which will be realized in case there is a significant number of games cancelled because of COVID-19 restrictions.

The committee of the NFL held an online conference on 2 November 2020 for the detailed negotiation of the expanded playoff concept statement. This potential change of the playoff format will be marked as a matter of the high significance for the number of teams (49ers, Bears, Dolphins and Raiders) who evidently support the proposal as their current position and the concept of the league will prevent them from participating in the postseason round.

The playoff is currently scheduled for 9 January 2021 and there is no evidence at the moment that any constrained rescheduling will be announced at the nearest time. The final decision of the league’s playoff extension is currently planned for the end of the month. We recall that if this project is approved by the committee, this playoff will become the biggest one for the past forty years.

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