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Brazil and Argentina Are Set To Qualify For The World Cup

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is currently second of Brazil’s top scorers in football. The player did great in a match against Peru, leading Brazil towards qualifying for the World Cup. A 4 – 2 score, with Neymar hitting three goals against Peru, the athlete is one of Brazil’s greatest. With a total of 64 goals, the footballer is only 13 hits behind the number one spot. Just a little time prior, Argentina won against Bolivia, settling with a 2 – 1 score. Lionel Messi enabled this victory, helping Argentina qualify for the World Cup. The two countries now have six points each, but Brazil performed better, defeating Bolivia 5 – 0. The next round of tournaments will be held next month. Latin America will thus have four of its teams competing in the 2022 World Cup.

Brazil began playing against Peru. The latter team initially performed better, beating the former club in the game. But Neymar’s amazing performance began to set the match in Brazil’s favor. The athlete converted a penalty kick in the 28th minute of the game. Although Peru managed to recuperate from the goal, Brazil managed to reach parity in the 59th minute. Neymar converted another penalty kick for Brazil and scored again in the game over time. The Brazilian coach applauded the players’ stellar performance. Neymar’s three goals against Peru put the footballer ahead of Ronaldo as a top scorer. 

Bolivia has had some strong victories over Argentina, obliterating the latter with a 6 – 1 score in 2009. Messi has also failed to perform well against Bolivia in the previous tournaments held. Bolivian sportsman, Martins, managed to score against Argentina in the opening salvo of the match. But the latter managed to recover from the loss and score a goal against Bolivia, with striker Martinez making the shot. The game has thus reached a draw. In the 79th minute of the championship, Bolivia’s defense made a big mistake, allowing Argentina’s athletes to get too close to the goal post. Messi helped Argentine’s forward, Correa, score a goal against Bolivia, thus achieving a team’s victory. Although there are still tournaments to be held, Argentina’s victory against Bolivia is a good step towards leading in the World Cup. But Bolivia’s national team is currently engaged in inter-club fighting and had thus some of its main players absent from the championship.

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