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A.J. Hinch is the new manager of the Detroit Tigers: the insides of the contract

The Detroit Tigers announced that A.J. Hinch, the experienced forty-six-year-old coach, signed with them as a new manager of the team. According to the local media records, this is a three-year guaranteed agreement.
Hinch’s nomination was decided on very quickly, as, according to the sources, he had only one interview before he received the offer and the contract was prepared. His experience with the Houston Astros from 2015 until 2019 has probably made a great influence on the Tigers’ decision. Houston was in the Baseball World Series twice mainly thanks to the efforts of Hinch; and even the recent blow to his reputation after a scandal that led to his firing from Astros and suspension until the upcoming season.

We recall that last year Astros were involved in the much sensational case, connected with Hinch’s cheating plan against the rivals. It was proved that he personally approved stealing of the other teams’ signs using the cameras and violating the regulations regarding the use of technical supplies on the field. He was fired and punished by the League management which led to one year of a stand-by without a right to apply for any position in baseball.

The new position in the Detroit Tigers opens new opportunities for Hinch and he seems to be willing to start everything over. The team is quite a fresh ground for a great deal of work, as at the moment the records show they are not currently qualified enough for playing even in the play-off; however, their prospects seem to be quite inspiring.

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